Monday, June 1, 2020

Re-opening of Village of Bellevue facilities

At this time, Village officers are closed to walk-in, in-person business.
Park and building facilities are not available for rentals.
In-person utility and municipal court fees payments are not accepted (see below for options).
In-person business is available by appointment only - call ahead.

Below is the DRAFT Village of Bellevue COVID-19 Response Plan.  

The Board of Trustees deferred action on this item until the June 10 Board Meeting.


Active COVID: The Village of Bellevue is in Brown County.  Brown County has the highest COVID-19 infection rate (838 cases per 100,000 population) in the State of Wisconsin (Racine is second highest at 598 cases/100,000).  Within Brown County, east Green Bay and Bellevue area have the highest concentration of COVID-19 cases (Wisconsin DHS map shows number of cases in each Census tract). 

Due to the concentration of COVID-19 cases in the Bellevue area, to protect the health and safety of the public and our staff, and to ensure continued operations by ensuring our staff is healthy and therefore able to safely serve our customers:

Village offices remain closed to walk-in business.

Village Board, committee, and commission meetings will be held in a combined in-person (with social distancing) and remote format. 

Village parks and recreation:
  • Bathrooms and playgrounds are closed.
  • Facility rentals are not available.
  • Ball fields are not available for sporting events.
  • Village sponsored programs and events are postponed.
  •  Summer day camp will operate with modifications to protect health and safety of staff and participants. 

  •  Staff will continue to encourage residents to vote via absentee ballot.
  • In-person elections will be held according to Wisconsin State Elections Commission requirements. 
  • Plexiglass shields will be utilized
  • Elections may be held at 1 polling location (3100 Eaton Road) if conditions require:
    •  Due to limited poll workers
    •  To concentrate cleaning/sanitizing efforts

 Village staff:
  • Work in a combined in-person (staggered schedules and with social distancing) and remote format.
  • On-site staff practice social distancing and monitor themselves for symptoms.  Employees exhibiting symptoms will not be allowed to report to work in-person.
  • New and seasonal employees must complete a COVID-19 symptom questionnaire.  Onboarding may be postponed if symptoms are present. 

Law enforcement activities are directed by Brown County Sheriff.

Fire and rescue: public is prohibited from entering secure areas of the fire station.

Village services: Bellevue will continue to provide services despite being closed to in-person walk-in business.  We will provide these services via email, telephone, internet, or by scheduled appointments. 

Remote services
Throughout the closure of Village facilities and as we begin reopening, we offer services via our website at (click “E-services”).  Remote services available include:
·        Utility bill payment
o   Pay online ($2.99 3rd party fee)
o   Set up direct payment (complete form, no fee)
o   Drop payment in outside dropbox at 2828 Allouez Ave
·        Municipal court fee payment
o   Pay online
o   Drop payment in outside dropbox at 3100 Eaton Rd
·        Register for park and recreation programs
·        Apply for residential permits
·        Request an absentee ballot (

Village business conducted in-person (2828 Allouez Ave):
Any business that needs to be conducted in-person with Village of Bellevue staff may be conducted by contacting village offices and scheduling an appointment with the appropriate staff. 

Our staff is affected by COVID-19 because some are at-risk, are caregivers for loved ones at risk, have childcare challenges, and a host of other challenges due to this pandemic.  Therefore, some staff continue working remotely and therefore, have limited in-office availability. To ensure all service needs are met, those with in-person business with the village are advised to call ahead. 

Other steps to protect the health and safety of our customers and staff include:
       Plexi-glass dividers at customer service counter.

       Customer access to Village offices is restricted to conference rooms, main lobby, and public restroom.  No public access to staff offices.

       Customers are required to wear face coverings when meeting with staff. 

       One customer allowed in lobby area at a time

       Hand sanitizer available at customer service counter.

       Increased cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces and high touch areas and objects.

       Village staff are required to wear face coverings when in public settings where other physical barriers or social distancing measures are difficult to maintain.

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, the Village of Bellevue has prioritized the health and safety of our staff and the public while continuing to deliver services to the Bellevue community. The Village continues to prioritize our staff and public’s health while providing services to the community by phasing the reopening of municipal facilities to the public. Our reopening strategy follows guidelines and recommendations of health officials with the State of Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). The health and safety of our community and staff remain our top priority.

Throughout the reopening strategy, we must remain flexible, adjusting our response based on guidance from Brown County Public Health, DHS, and the CDC.  Our approach to reopening Village operations must be flexible to allow for adjustments in the event of surges of COVID cases.  We will update our plan as new guidelines and information about the virus evolves. The Village of Bellevue’s decision about when to re-open facilities or resume services will be determined by DHS “gating criteria”.

Reopening criteria:
The Village of Bellevue will follow guidance from DHS, CDC, and Brown County Health in determining when it is appropriate and safe to further open village facilities to the public.   
       Click here to access DHS gating criteria.
       COVID-10: Community and Faith-Based: Guidance for organizations and service providers operating and providing assistance or safeguards in our communities.  Click here to access COVID-19 Community and Faith-Based guidance

When gating criteria is met:
       Village Board, committee, and commission meetings will continue to be held in a combined in-person (with social distancing) and remote format. 

       Village offices open to walk-in business.  Social distancing, face covering, and capacity limitations may be in place based upon guidance from health professionals (CDC, DHS, Brown County).

       Village parks and recreation facilities will open with guidance from health professionals (CDC, DHS, Brown County). 

In absence of guidance from DHS, CDC, Brown County Health, or other health professionals, facilities will open when gating criteria is met. 

Reopening of any village facility may be postponed or reversed if individuals within the facility have COVID-19 symptoms, confirmed positive test, or if there is a local (county or smaller) resurgence of COVID-19 cases.