Friday, February 14, 2020

Actions you can take to be ready for flooding:

1. Consider flood insurance. Policies may take 30+ days to go into effect. Act soon!
2. Have battery back up for sump pumps.
3. Elevate basement items off the floor.
4. Check in on neighbors. Especially elderly and disabled. Help them prepare if you can.
5. Sign up for CodeRED to get emergency alerts. Click here to sign up.  
6. Prepare an evacuation plan. Check maps ahead of time to see what streets in your area are NOT in a floodplain and plan your evacuation route along these streets.  Click here to see where the floodplains are in your area.  
7. Have a plan for your pets.
8. Have medications, clothes, health insurance cards, homeowners insurance contacts, and other important papers prepared to take with you in the event of an evacuation.
9. Have a plan for where you will stay if you are evacuated.