Monday, December 30, 2019

Customers with New Water Meters Installed - You Can Monitor Your Water Usage Potentially Saving $$

Here’s a great example of the benefits of AquaHawk – our FREE water usage monitoring program available to customers with new Sensus meters.

In this instance, Village staff noticed that water usage at this residential property increased dramatically, to almost 200 gallons an hour. At this rate of usage, the estimated bill would be over $1,100!

Staff contacted the resident to alert them of the high usage and we identified issues that could be causing this such as a running toilet, water softener, etc.  The resident found and corrected the issue by 1pm – as you can see by the graph, the water usage dropped back to normal levels, saving this family hundreds of dollars.

The photo shows the new Sensus meter.  If you have one of these meters, you can monitor your usage. This tool allows you to set alerts if usage exceeds a specified level.  It will also estimate your water bill based upon your current usage. Sign up today at using your utility account number. We are in the process of installing these new meters village wide.  We expect all of Bellevue to have these by the end of 2020.