Friday, November 22, 2019

Village of Bellevue Approves 2020 budget, plans for facility construction.

The Village of Bellevue approved the 2020 operating budget and five- year capital improvement plan with a 3-2 vote following a November 13 public hearing.  General fund spending for 2020 is $5.78 million, an increase of $244,416 from 2019. About $2.69 million is funded by property tax.  The remainder is funded by revenues such as investment interest, citations, permit fees, and state aids. Village taxes on a $150,000 home in 2020 will be about $456, up $19.50 from 2019.   Assessed property values increased 1.2% from the previous year.  

Increased spending results from 2020 elections, reduced state and federal funding of Green Bay Metro Transit services, 2020 revaluation, added Brown County Sheriff investigative staff, information technology investments, deferred repair and replacement of equipment and vehicles, and deferred Village property maintenance.   Annual debt service increased by $325,130 partially due to subsidies to special assessments for streets, however the tax impact of special assessments for streets partially offset by the wheel tax. 

Capital investments in 2020 include sewer and water main work for Manitowoc Road, accessibility modifications to village offices, street and utility infrastructure in the CTH GV/STH 172 area, and required stormwater projects to reduce pollution levels in streams. 

The 5-year capital improvement plan includes combined spending total of $30.1 million.  Projects include construction of multiple village facilities including a salt shed, public works storage facility, community center, and fire station.  Planned street and utility projects include Allouez, Willow, Guns, Moonrise, Steffens, ElDorado, Seville, Verlin, Firelane, Bluebill, Skyview, Oriole, Mallard, Lucerne, Vail, Blue Spruce, and Manitowoc.  Sanitary upgrades are planned in the industrial park area and to accommodate growth in the existing commercial area near the I-43 and Manitowoc Road ramps. The Village's budget and capital improvement plans are available here.  The document posted online is the initial draft budget prior to board changes (identified in the document "Results of October 15, 2019 budget worksession).  The final budget adopted will be posted soon.