Monday, November 25, 2019

Village awarded grant for Allouez Avenue project - continues bicycle and pedestrian facility connectivity.

The Village of Bellevue was awarded a federal grant for the reconstruction of Allouez Avenue from Hazen Street to Main Street planned for 2024.  The project “urbanizes” the stretch of Allouez Avenue – meaning it upgrades the road from rural standards to urban standards with the inclusion of curb, gutter, sidewalk, and bike lanes.  The project is estimated to cost $3 million.  The grant will cover up to 80%. 

Currently, Allouez Avenue has sidewalks from Bellevue Street to Hazen Road, and from Main Street to Manitowoc Road.  This project will fill the current gap in sidewalk and bike lanes between Hazen Road to Main Street.  The remaining stretch of Allouez Avenue without sidewalk or bike facilities would then be from Bellevue Street to the East River, which is in Bellevue’s capital improvement plan for 2021.  The completion of these two projects will result in continuous pedestrian and bicycle facilities from Manitowoc Road in Bellevue, to Webster Avenue in Allouez. 

Bellevue has been steadily adding bicycle and pedestrian facilities, creating linkages to the greater Green Bay area and tapping into the growing population that opt for non-motorized transportation.  Most recently, the village added painted bike lanes to Hazen and Townhall Roads and is incorporating sidewalks and bike lanes into the upcoming Guns Street and Manitowoc Road projects.  Other bicycle and pedestrian-friendly projects planned in the next 5 years for Bellevue include Steffens Way, Ontario Road, and Willow Road sidewalks; East River Trail asphalt and boardwalk improvements, and a dedicated crosswalk of the East River Trail at Allouez Avenue.  Longer term plans include a pedestrian and bicycle bridge over the East River connecting to Riverview Park in Allouez and extending the East River Trail boardwalk system into the Mossakowski Family Dog Park, tentatively scheduled for 2025, pending funds.