Monday, October 28, 2019

Manitowoc Road Project (Allouez Avenue to Kewaunee Road)

The Village of Bellevue is contracting for the reconstruction of Manitowoc Road from Allouez Avenue to Kewaunee Road.  The project includes:

  • Water main replacement from Willow to Klondike in year 2020
  • Sanitary sewer replacement from Allouez Ave to Kewaunee Rd in year 2021
  • Road reconstruction and sidewalk in year 2021.
As part of the planning process, the Village contracts the televising of the sanitary main (village owned) and the sanitary laterals (owned by the property owner).  Televising allows the Village to identify if the sanitary pipes are in need of maintenance, repair, or replacement.  This tool is NOT diagnostic - meaning the results do not tell the Village what specifically needs to be done to a specific privately owned lateral.  It tells us only that there is an issue with the pipe, and the Village can advise the property owner to contact a plumber for further investigation and recommendation to address the issue.

Along the stretch of Manitowoc Road that is being replaced in 2021, the Village has identified:
  • 33 privately owned sewer laterals that are in need of repair or replacement
  • 20 privately owned sewer laterals in good condition, but may require attention
  • 29 privately owned sewer laterals in good condition, acceptable to reconnect to the sewer main
  • 9  privately owned sewer laterals that need to be discussed/evaluated further (such as eliminating laterals not in use).    
The Village is in the process of notifying property owners along this stretch who own sewer laterals in the first 2 categories above so that they have an opportunity to make any necessary repairs in advance of the road and utility project. 

If property owners along this stretch DO NOT receive notification from the Village in the next week or so, it means that the televising did not reveal any issues.