Thursday, October 31, 2019

Bellevue Fire and Rescue Department offers car seat installation inspection services

Is your little one using the correct car seat and is the car seat installed correctly? 

Schedule an inspection with our car seat technicians to ensure proper installation and answer your car seat questions.  Appointments are available M-F 7:30-3:30 and Sat-Sun 7:30-1:30.

Email our technician, Chad at to schedule your inspection!

Click here for Safe Kids Ultimate Car Seat Guide.  

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Bus service in Bellevue

Did you know that Green Bay Metro Transit has full-service bus routes and paratransit services in Bellevue?
Route 15 and 16 Bellevue area destinations include East Town Mall, Edison Middle School, BioLife, YMCA, Bellin Family Wellness & Medical Center, Bellin College, Prevea, Aurora Hospital, and Walmart.
Buses run Monday thru Friday 5:15 a.m to 9:45 p.m; Saturdays 7:15 a.m. to 6:45 p.m., and Sunday service for Packer home games.
All buses are accessible to persons with mobility limitations and can accommodate mobility devices. All buses also have bike racks so you can ride your bike to the local bus stop and take your bike with you on the bus. You can even track buses here: Click here to track buses
Paratransit services are also available as an alternative for those with disabilities that hinder their ability to use the fixed route transit services. Paratransit offers door to door transportation for things such as medical appointments, shopping, etc. You must complete an eligibility form to qualify. Forms are available by phone 920-448-3450 by email, or Click here for paratransit services.

Monday, October 28, 2019

Manitowoc Road Project (Allouez Avenue to Kewaunee Road)

The Village of Bellevue is contracting for the reconstruction of Manitowoc Road from Allouez Avenue to Kewaunee Road.  The project includes:

  • Water main replacement from Willow to Klondike in year 2020
  • Sanitary sewer replacement from Allouez Ave to Kewaunee Rd in year 2021
  • Road reconstruction and sidewalk in year 2021.
As part of the planning process, the Village contracts the televising of the sanitary main (village owned) and the sanitary laterals (owned by the property owner).  Televising allows the Village to identify if the sanitary pipes are in need of maintenance, repair, or replacement.  This tool is NOT diagnostic - meaning the results do not tell the Village what specifically needs to be done to a specific privately owned lateral.  It tells us only that there is an issue with the pipe, and the Village can advise the property owner to contact a plumber for further investigation and recommendation to address the issue.

Along the stretch of Manitowoc Road that is being replaced in 2021, the Village has identified:
  • 33 privately owned sewer laterals that are in need of repair or replacement
  • 20 privately owned sewer laterals in good condition, but may require attention
  • 29 privately owned sewer laterals in good condition, acceptable to reconnect to the sewer main
  • 9  privately owned sewer laterals that need to be discussed/evaluated further (such as eliminating laterals not in use).    
The Village is in the process of notifying property owners along this stretch who own sewer laterals in the first 2 categories above so that they have an opportunity to make any necessary repairs in advance of the road and utility project. 

If property owners along this stretch DO NOT receive notification from the Village in the next week or so, it means that the televising did not reveal any issues.  

Friday, October 25, 2019

Public Input Needed for Village Strategic Plan Update - Final Community Engagement Session Wednesday, October 30

Image result for community engagementThe Village of Bellevue is beginning the process of updating its Strategic Plan for the years 2020-2024. A strategic plan is a set of vision statements with supporting goals and objectives which guide the Village Board and staff with policy decisions and actions.

For this update, the Village is looking to gather as much public input as possible to help establish these guiding vision statements. In order to accomplish this, one community engagement session will be held each week of October where members of the public will participate and provide their input for where they want to Bellevue be in 5, 10, and 20 years and beyond. The more public participation, the more accurate and robust the strategic plan becomes, so please encourage your friends and family to participate when available.

The final community engagement session is being held on Wednesday, October 30 at the Public Safety/Municipal Building (3100 Eaton Road) at 6:00 PM.

A survey can also be found on the Village website, by clicking here. Please send completed surveys to the Village via email here. Any questions may be directed to Jared Heyn, Assistant to the Administrator, at (920) 593-5509 or by email, by clicking here.

We look forward to hearing from you on the 30th!

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Discharge of firearms in Village limits

We have received inquiries and complaints about the discharge of firearms in the village limits.
There are specified areas within the village where the discharge of firearms (except rifles) is allowed. These areas are identified on the map below in tan (District One).

Monday, October 21, 2019

DRAFT 2020 BUDGET - Board actions on discretionary policy items to reduce levy

The Village Board of Trustees held its budget worksession on October 15, 2019.  Below are budget policy items that the board took action on.  The budget hearing is scheduled for  November 13 @ 6:30 pm at 3100 Eaton Road.  After the budget hearing, the board may take further action on the draft budget prior to adoption, also during the November 13 meeting.  

1.    Apply revenues from VOM sale of vehicles to general fund revenue: $34,000
Based upon current VOM fund balance and the proposed vehicle replacement expenditures for 2020-2025, the fund is capable of sustaining emergency replacement of our most costly piece of equipment.  Currently, revenue from sale of equipment is retained in the VOM fund.  This action would direct the revenue into the general fund.  The amount is estimated and assumes replacement of a pickup truck and the jet vacuum truck. 
Policy consideration: VOM would be hard pressed to sustain multiple substantial breakdowns or emergency replacements.  Applying sale of vehicles for a single fiscal year is safe, however it is not recommended for multiple fiscal years. 
2020 Tax impact to owner of median value ($184K) home:  $5.03

2.    Reduce levy contribution to VOM: up to $45,520
Based upon current VOM fund balance and the proposed vehicle replacement expenditures for 2020-2025, the fund is capable of sustaining emergency replacement of our most costly piece of equipment. 
Policy consideration: The draft 2020 budget as presented includes a general levy contribution of $214,593 for vehicle operations, maintenance, repair, and replacement.  After additional budget analysis, staff feel the levy contribution to VOM could be reduced up to $45,520 based on the current budget revenues over expenditures of the VOM fund.
2020 Tax impact to owner of median value ($184K) home: $6.74

3.    Eliminate capital levy: $25,000
The capital levy is intended to reduce future additional debt that will be incurred due to the newly created special assessment subsidies. 
Policy considerations: elimination of capital levy increases required future debt service, which is more costly than capital levy due to interest.
2020 Tax impact to owner of median value ($184K) home: $3.70

4.    Reduce roundabout contracted maintenance: $8,000
Contracted roundabout maintenance could be reduced to once every 3 years, with minor maintenance done by village summer staff. 
Policy considerations:  shifts contracted services to internal, may negligibly reduce aesthetics between contracted maintenance, requires future commitment to fund contracted repair/maintenance in future years. 
2020 Tax impact to owner of median value ($184K) home: $1.18

5.    Storage area network server system replacement:  $27,500
This project is to replace servers that are beyond their life expectancy with a storage area network system.  The total cost of the project is estimated to be $90,000. Staff could prolong the replacement for 1 year by purchasing extended warranties for existing servers, perform upgrades, budgeting ½ the general fund levy in year 2020, ½ the general fund levy in 2021, and purchase the server in year 2021.  Costs associated with prolonging the purchase are estimated at $2,000 (warranties and upgrades) and inflation. 
Policy considerations:  This may only occur if the board commits to completing the project in year 2021, including committing funds in the 2021 budget.  Prolonging the project may result in increased costs due to inflation and labor availability.   
2020 Tax impact to owner of median value ($184K) home: $4.07

6.    Parking lot maintenance:  $25,000
Budget area:  contracted services in parks ($8,000) and buildings and grounds ($17,000).
This budget item is for maintenance (crackfill, sealcoat, and stripe) of parking lots at 2828 Allouez Ave, Josten South, Tiger Court, and Bethel Park.  Staff could complete striping of parking lots using existing paint that the village has on-hand.  This would address the striping of the parking lots, but would not complete the
Policy considerations:  The village is behind schedule in recommended parking lot maintenance.  Continued postponement of regular maintenance can shorten longevity and increase overall costs. 
Complete parking lot maintenance at 2828 Allouez Ave, remove parking lot maintenance at Josten Park south, Tiger Court, and Bethel Park from 2020 budget. 
2020 Tax impact to owner of median value ($184K) home: $1.18

7.    Spring Creek Trail Study: $22,000
While this is a discretionary expenditure, staff strongly recommends against removing this from the 2020 village budget.
Policy considerations: the combination of removing the original planned trail from the Willow Glen development and not completing a study for an alternate route is inconsistent with the Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan, the Strategic Plan, and the Bellevue Comprehensive Plan and past commissions and board decisions.  The trail has been included in Village plans for decades, the Park Commission recommended proceeding with the study due to elimination of possibility of the trail being developed as originally planned, the village continues to grow in population looking for recreational opportunities and increased quality of life, and not proceeding will likely result in another missed opportunity. 
Background:  The Willow Glen plat includes the area that was identified as a linear park along Spring Creek. This linear park/trail has been in the Village’s Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan for over 20 years.  In October 2018, the Park Commission recommended that easements be negotiated for a future trail as condition of the approval of the Willow Glen subdivision.  The Village Board approved the preliminary Willow Glen subdivision with the understanding of inclusion of the trail corridor.  In January 2019, the developer of Willow Glen requested the trail requirement be removed and the Village board granted the request and approved the plat without the trail (3-2 vote).  At that time, President Soukup asked that the Park Commission study alternative options for the trail.  The Park Commission reviewed a Scope of Services for a trail study and recommended approval and funding of the study.  Staff presented the Scope of Services and Park Commission recommendation to proceed with a trail study along Spring Creek at the June 26 Village Board meeting.  At that time, the board directed staff to include a trail study in the 2020 CIP. 
2020 Tax impact to owner of median value ($184K) home: $3.26

 8.    Canoe/kayak Launch repair/re-installation: $8,000
While this is a discretionary expenditure, staff strongly recommends against removing this from the 2020 village budget.  The project is to repair and re-install the kayak launch located at Manderly Way and was damaged by spring flooding. 
Policy considerations: a decision to not meet village responsibility of maintenance and repair of grant-funded/partnership projects and purchases could negatively affect relationships with partners and grant funding opportunities for future projects.  Elimination of an American with Disabilities Act recreational opportunity may reflect negatively on the Village of Bellevue because the 2012 ADA audit revealed that the Village has limited opportunities for persons with limited or restricted mobility. 
Background:   The Kayak launch was a grant funded project completed through a partnership of the Village of Bellevue, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, and the Fox-Wisconsin Heritage Parkway.  Grant proceeds totaled nearly $45,000 for the purchase and installation of the kayak launch and signage.  The only expenditure required by the Village of Bellevue was annual commitment of $150 membership fees to the Fox-Wisconsin Heritage Parkway for 7 years, which was paid for by Cedar Corp.  The launch was completed in the summer of 2015.   The useful life of the launch is estimated to be 20 years.  The Village agreed to the conditions of the Fox-Wisconsin Heritage Parkway when we accepted the gift of the launch.  These conditions include commitment to maintenance and upkeep for at least 7 years. 
2020 Tax impact to owner of median value ($184K) home: $1.18

Water Meter Replacements

The Village continues working towards 100% water meter replacement.  Employees from both the Village of Bellevue and Hydrocorp are scheduling appointments with property owners to install the new meters.  This must be completed village-wide in 2019 because the old meters will no longer be supported with the new metering and billing systems.  

If your water meter looks like the one below, you're all set!

If you still have the old one, you should have received a notice from the village or Hydrocorp requiring you to schedule an appointment for replacement.  

Monday, October 14, 2019

Village of Bellevue 2020 Budget - discretionary items for consideration

The Village Board budget workshop is Tuesday, October 15 beginning at 12 pm. The first item on the agenda is Discretionary Policy Decisions to Reduce Levy.
Some itemized discretionary items that the board will be considering include:
1. Direct revenues from the sale of vehicles to general levy instead of vehicle operations and maintenance.
2. Reduce levy contribution to the vehicle operations and maintenance fund.
3. Eliminate the capital levy intended to offset future debt resulting from special assessment subsidies.
4. Reduce frequency of roundabout maintenance.
5. Postpone IT server replacement for 1 year.
6. Postpone regular scheduled parking lot maintenance at various Village-owned properties.
7. Eliminate/postpone the Spring Creek Trail study which is intended to find an alternate route for the planned Spring Creek trail that was eliminated during approval of the Willow Glen subdivision.
8. Canoe/Kayak launch repair/re-installation on the East River that was damaged during spring flooding.

You can read a more in-depth discussion of these discretionary policy decisions here.  

Monday, October 7, 2019

NFPA: Wood Pellet Stove Safety

Village of Bellevue 2020 Draft Budget

The property tax bill for a median valued home ($184k) in Bellevue in 2019 is $3,507.04 in the East DePere school district and $3,602.72 in the Green Bay school district.  The allocation of the property taxes to the taxing bodies is shown below.  The Village of Bellevue portion (approximately 15% of the total property tax bill) of this same property tax bill would increase by $38.64 from $539.12 to $577.76 if the proposed 2020 budget is adopted.   

The Village of Bellevue’s portion (~15%) of  the tax bill above for a median valued home ($184k) if the draft 2020 Village of Bellevue budget is adopted is allocated to services as shown below.

Parks, recreation, & forestry includes recreational programs and activities, parks, athletic facilitiesshelters, playgrounds, walking trails, and  the urban forest.

Public works includes streets, sidewalks, mass transit, street lighting, brush pickup, and compost site.

Fire and rescue includes 24/7/365 fire prevention, education, suppression; emergency medical response; technical rescue response; mutual aid; and emergency management.

Community development includes building inspection, economic development, planning, zoning, and mapping.

Law enforcement includes 24/7/365 law enforcement services.

General government includes finance management, administration, human resource management, municipal court, and licenses and permits.

Debt includes the annual debt service payments for funds borrowed for street projects and village buildings and grounds capital projects.   

Click here for the full Village of Bellevue draft 2020 budget.
Click here for the full Village of Bellevue draft 2020-2024 Capital Improvement Plan.  

Touch a Truck Event

The Village of Bellevue Public Works, Police, and Fire and Rescue brought a Touch A Truck Event to Christa McAuliffe Elementary School today, October 7.  Kids were given the opportunity to see, touch, climb in, and drive (just kidding!) construction equipment, fire trucks, and squad cars.

Thanks for the hospitality, Christa McAuliffe School.  Thanks for the enthusiasm to all the kids! And thanks to Bellevue Public Works, Police, and Fire personnel who took time out of their day to hang out with this great group of kids!