Monday, September 9, 2019

Village of Bellevue Board Meetings

The Village of Bellevue board meets the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month (except November and December) at 6:30 pm at 3100 Eaton Road.  Items up for discussion during the Wednesday, September 11 meeting: 

  • Public hearings:
    • Request for a planned development district to allow for a truck storage facility at the southwest corner of Kewaunee Road and Cottage Road.
    • Request for a conditional use permit to allow intensive business use within a light industrial district located at 1700 Industrial Drive.
    • Request for approval of a final planned development district to create "The Club at Spring Lake" consisting of 10 zero lot line, 2-unit homes on a private road located on Klondike Road, east of Garden Grove Lane.
  • Public Comment:
    • Public comments must be limited to items NOT on the agenda, are limited to five minutes, commentators must state their name and address for the record.  The Board's role is to listen and not discuss/debate comments nor take actions on the comments at the meeting (this is because doing so would be in violation of Wisconsin's Open Meetings Law).
  • Shaha Cold Storage razing and cold storage space rental
  • South Huron Road and Willow Road Utility Assessment (update only, no action)
  • Award contract for South Huron Road and Willow Road Utility Project)
  • Final subdivision plat for Piccadilly Acres, 3rd addition on Bufflehead Lane near Gadwall Lane
  • Preliminary subdivision plat for The Club at Spring Lake
  • DNR urban forestry grant application
  • Vehicle Operations & Maintenance Fund