Friday, April 27, 2018

Village Committees & Commissions

If you are interested volunteering your time to help serve the Village of Bellevue, please consider a committee, commission or board position. The Village currently has a Board of Review, Economic Development Advisory Board, Ethics Board, Fire Commission, Park Commission, Plan Commission, Senior Advisory Board and Zoning Board of Appeals. For further explanation of what each body's responsibilities are please go to our website

Every April, the Village Board is required to appoint new members or re-appoint existing members whose terms have expired. Each of these bodies serves a specific purpose, several of which meet State Statute requirements. A Village staff member is also assigned to assist each body.

Residents interested in being considered for a future appointment should complete the Volunteer Application Form available on the Village website. In March, the Village President reviews the members terms that are expiring and may interview new residents that have submitted applications to understand their background for the body that will be the best fit. Appointments occur at the 2nd April Village Board meeting.  Any questions can be directed to Jared Heyn, Assistant to the Administrator, at