Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Bellevue Sheriff's Deputies Reminder: Making Sure Your Home is Secure

We are encouraging residents make sure to secure their homes when not at home. Our Bellevue Sheriff's Deputies have recently received multiple calls of homes being burglarized in the middle of the day because doors were unlocked or valuables were in clear sight. Please remember when you leave your home to lock your doors and windows, close garage doors, remove your valuables from plain sight, and report any suspicious activity you may see in your neighborhood. Listed below are tips to help protect you from a burglary.

  • Lock your doors and windows?
  • Hide spare keys in an inconspicuous location?
  • Verify the identity and place of employment of anyone who comes to your home?
  • Ensure anything of value is not in plain sight through your windows?
  • Report any suspicious behavior occurring in your neighborhood?
  • Suspend newspaper delivery if gone for an extended period of time or have friend or family member collect such items for you?
Always be sure to verify the identity of anyone who claims to be at your house on behalf of a company or government organization. Almost all employers (including the Village of Bellevue) require their employees to wear photo ID badges when visiting an off-site location. If someone is unable or unwilling to provide you with proof of identification and employment, do not allow them in your home and notify the Brown County Sheriff's Office as soon as possible. The Brown County Sheriff's Office non-emergency number is 920-448-4200.

Following the above procedures is the simplest and most effective way of preventing burglaries from occurring in your neighborhood and your home. Securing your home, verifying the identity of visitors, and remaining vigilant of your neighborhood's activities can ensure that you and your possessions remain safe.