Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Village Ash Trees to Be Removed Starting in 2018

Beginning in the winter of 2018, Village Forestry and Public Works staff will begin the process of removing selected ash trees throughout the Village.  Trees are being removed preemptively in response to the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) infestation.  50 trees are scheduled to be removed in 2018.  Trees removed will be in the poorest of health located on Village parks and buildings locations and along Village owned right-of-ways.  Contractors may be hired to remove trees too large or dangerous for Village staff and equipment to safely remove.  Ash trees which are not being treated with insecticide will eventually succumb to the devastating effects of the EAB. 

As a resident, if you have an ash tree in the right of way in front of your property and would like the ash tree to be removed when village staff time and funds allow, you can be moved to the top of the list of ash trees scheduled to be removed.  The tree will be removed, the stump ground, and the tree replaced in the closest available planting cycle, at no cost to you.  Please know that all Village ash trees, unless being treated for EAB, will be removed eventually.  If you would like the street trees in front of your property added to the list, please contact Doug Tenor, Village Forester, at dtenor@villageofbellevue.org to have your name and address added to the tree removal list. 

If you do not want to see the ash tree in the right of way in front of your house removed, you do have an option to "adopt" the ash tree(s) for treatment every other year.  Trees that are suitable for treatment must be healthy, not already infected by infestation, and must be treated every other year for the next 20 years (10 treatments).  Cost for treatment is based on the size of the tree and is currently running about $10/diameter inch.  Average cost for treated trees in 2017 was $100/tree.  If you are interested in "adopting" the ash tree(s) in the right of way in front of your property, please contact Doug Tenor, Village Forester, at dtenor@villageofbellevue.org.  Doug will inspect the ash trees to insure suitability for treatment.  Please check this map to confirm what type of tree is in the right of way in front of your property.  Please note, residents cannot treat Village street trees (trees in the right of way) on their own without prior approval from the Village Forester. 

The Village of Bellevue currently has almost 1,000 ash trees in it's inventory.  This does not include any privately owned ash trees that are on residential or other property.  If you would like to learn more about EAB and it's devastating effects, please head to the Village webpage for additional information. 

Additionally, check out our EAB storyboard here.