Monday, August 14, 2017

Give One, Take One Library Donated to Bel-Meadow Park

Thanks to a generous donation by Bellevue resident Glenn Tointon, Bel-Meadow Park (2710 Woodland Hills Court) now has a give one, take one library for all to enjoy.  Also known by the trademarked name, "Little Free Library", this small wooden box can house 30+ books for people to enjoy.  The idea is if you find a book you enjoy, you replace it with one (or more) you have read.  Glenn approached the Village of Bellevue Park Commission with the proposal and the Park Commission approved the donation and location of the library.  Glenn built the cedar library by hand in his garage and was on site to assist park staff with the placement and digging of the hole for the foundation.  The Village would like to thank Glenn for his wonderful donation and his part in  making Bellevue a Great Place to Grow.