Friday, August 25, 2017

Culvert Replacement Project Update

The Village will begin work on replacing five culverts on the east side of the Village, beginning September 11th. As a part of the work, the public should expect changes in traffic patterns where the work is being performed including road closures. The following culverts are being replaced:
  • Culvert #1593 (Erie Road: between Eaton Road and Willow Road, just south of Gorzlancyk Road)
  • Culvert #1608 (Erie Road: between Eaton Road and Willow Road, just north of Evening Star Drive)
  • Culvert #1548 (Intersection of Willow Road and S Grandview Road)
  • Culvert #1533 (S Grandview Road: just south of Eaton Road)
  • Culvert #1568 (S Grandview Road: between Eaton Road and Allen Pond Road)
The project will begin replacing the culverts on Grandview Road first, and work towards the Erie Road culverts.

To see a map of the culvert locations, click here.

Each culvert is expected to take one day to replace (for a total of five days to replace all of them). Accordingly, traffic interruptions will occur for at least one day at each culvert location for removal and installation.

The Village will then be asphalt patching each of the culvert locations. There may be additional minor traffic interruptions during the paving process. After the paving, landscaping work will then be performed to restore the areas affected. The total project is expected to take 2-3 weeks, weather permitting.

If you have any questions about the culvert replacements or traffic interruptions, please call our Public Works Department at 920-468-5225.