Thursday, April 27, 2017

2017 Road Crack Filling Maintenance Program

The Village accepted bids on the 2017 crack filling maintenance contract. Asphalt Seal and Repair from De Pere submitted the low bid for the project. The proposed roads to receive the maintenance are posted on the Village website under Current & Future Projects.  Some roads on the list may not be completed this year due to more or less material being needed on the planned streets.  If the maintenance is not performed on the listed streets this year, it will be placed on the schedule for next year.

Crack filling is a maintenance method used to keep water from penetrating below the surface and breaking it up. The less water that penetrates the surface, the longer we can make the streets last.  This method of maintenance is not cost effective for streets that have a lot of surface cracking.  Depending on the type of cracking, the road may be resurfaced, or if severe structural damage has occurred, is subject to reconditioning.