Thursday, March 16, 2017

Spring Thaw = People on the Roads

It finally is starting to feel like spring outside which means that people will be starting to come out of hibernation and being near roads. Pedestrians and bicycle traffic is going to be increasing greatly, kids will be playing in yards near streets. Children 5 to 9 and adults over 75 are the most vulnerable to accidents and collisions with vehicles. Being struck by a car is a leading cause of death and injury in Wisconsin. Injury prevention begins with a mutual respect between motorists and pedestrians on the road at all times.

When children are playing outdoors with cars passing by please be aware if they have a ball or something that might go into the road. Children lack the ability to quickly evaluate risk and safety, speed of moving car, or lack the sense of danger. Children are also harder to visualize due to their small stature around vehicles, please be mindful and trust any front, side or back sensors on vehicles.

Law enforcement reminds you to minimize distractions while driving to be more aware of all your surroundings.