Friday, March 24, 2017

Agendas, Minutes & Packets On-Line

Since the launch of the Village's updated website in December, we have expanded information available on-line regarding your local government's meetings. Meeting agendas and minutes have been provided on-line by the Village for some time, but new to our website is meeting packet information.

Meeting packets include the supporting information from Village staff that is provided to our elected and appointed officials for use during the meetings they conduct to help make decisions about items included in the agendas. While this information was always available to our citizens or other interested parties, it is now available for download 24/7 on our website.

Information for the Village Board and our other Boards and Commissions is available and will continue to be posted on-line. Closed session information however will continue to not be made available. The Village has already had positive feedback from many of our citizens regarding this information now being more readily available. Check-it out today and stay informed and updated on your Village of Bellevue.