Thursday, February 2, 2017

Winter Street Tree Pruning in the Village

As part of the Village’s Urban Forestry Program, the Village will be pruning & trimming street trees within the right-of-way now through March 2017 as weather permits.

Per Municipal Code 427, the Village of Bellevue is responsible for the planting and maintenance of all street trees in the municipality. The Village has adopted a ten-year urban forestry management program to maintain public trees; including regular assessment of their health, safety, & condition, pruning, removal/replanting.

Scheduled tree pruning for winter 2016-2017 is planned for Tree Zone 6 in the Village as displayed in the map below.  You can use the Village’s interactive mapping system to view Tree Zone 6 more closely:

Specifically, Zone 6 includes the area south of JJ from Manitowoc Road to Huron Road, west of Huron Road from JJ to Willow Road, north of Willow Road from Huron Road to Ontario Road, west of Ontario Road from Willow Road to Main Street, north of Main Street from Ontario Road to Town Hall Road, south of Town Hall Road from Main Street to Manitowoc Road, and east of Manitowoc Road from Town Hall Road to JJ. 

The work will be performed by the Village Forester and Department of Public Works staff following ISA Standard Practices for Tree Care Operations-Pruning as identified by the Village’s Tree Ordinance and  Arboricultural Specifications Manual.  Village staff will be inspecting the work to ensure that it meets specifications. 

Common reasons for pruning are to remove dead, dying, or diseased branches, and/or to remove crowded or rubbing limbs.  Trees may be pruned to increase light and air penetration inside of the tree’s crown or to the landscape below. Lastly, a tree’s crown may be raised to allow cars, school buses, garbage trucks, and snow plows to operate without contacting low hanging branches, causing significant damage to the vehicle, and/or tree.

The Village’s public tree population consists of more than 4,100 trees and more than 40 different species that range in age, size, and condition.  The Village has been annually awarded Tree City USA status from the Arbor Day Foundation since 2003 and received the Tree City USA growth award for 2015. If you have questions contact:
Douglas Tenor, Parks Foreman/Village Forester
(920) 468-5225,
or go online at: