Friday, February 10, 2017

The ABC's of Safe Sleep for Your Baby

Did you know that the number one cause of injury related death among children under the age of 1 is suffocation? A few quick and easy steps can be followed in order to reduce the risk of suffocation.

In order for baby to have a safe sleep environment caregivers should follow the ABC’s of safe sleep. This means that baby sleeps Alone, on his or her Back, and in a Crib. Babies should not sleep in the same bed as adults or other children, on their sides or stomach, or in a swing or car seat that does not provide a safe sleep environment. The crib that baby sleeps in should also be free of bumpers, pillows, blankets, or other loose objects. While these items may make the crib look cozy, these items increase the risk of baby’s airway becoming blocked. It is quite easy for baby to scoot themselves and their face up against a bumper in the crib and block their airway. The best sleep environment for baby is a safety approved crib mattress covered with just a fitted sheet.

Babies should also be dressed lightly to prevent the possibility of overheating while sleeping. If the child's room is colder during the winter, do not use a blanket but instead dress them in a sleep sack or footed pajamas. Please visit the Center for Childhood Safety for more information on safe sleeping and reducing SIDS.