Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Slow Down To Get Around

The solid waste industry is on the list of the top five most dangerous jobs behind logging workers, fishers, aircraft pilots and flight engineers. Those who are at the highest risk in the solid waste industry are refuse and recycling collectors.

In July 2013, Governor Walker passed Wisconsin Act 39 Slow Down to Get Around to encourage cautious driving near sanitation trucks. Unfortunately, this has done little to make the job safer. The Slow Down To Get Around law is not widely known in Wisconsin even though it passed almost four years ago.

In 2016, there were four fatalities in Wisconsin in the solid waste industry. There are several ways to help protect refuse and recycling collectors, they include; slowing down and being very cautious when moving around a sanitation truck, placing your bins in the appropriate spot so they do not have to get out to collect or move your bin, and sharing information about this law with everyone.