Monday, February 6, 2017

Current Water and Sewer Bills May Be Higher

Good news! The higher bills you just received are not a result of rate increases.  The higher bills are mostly due to having 27 days between meter reads December, to 35 days in January because of the holidays.  The difference in bill amounts from that alone would account for a 25+% change from the previous month. 

Also during the holidays there may have been occasion to have friends and family gatherings that may account for additional usage.  Bellevue tries to keep the read dates closer to 30 days for billing purposes to keep the bills consistent each month.  If you do get a large bill, please look at the billing dates to see if there were additional days between the bills.  Another check you can perform each month is to calculate your use per day.  If you have not had a change in your daily activities (extra laundry, showers, grass watering, etc.), your daily average should not change much from month to month.

Water Conservation Note

Please check your toilets for leaking by placing food coloring in the tank.  If you see colored water in the bowl after a couple hours, you are experiencing a leak in the seal of your toilet, which could result in thousands of gallons of water each month.