Friday, January 27, 2017

Bellevue Fire Department Purchases New SCBA Gear

Earlier this month, the Village Board allocated funds allowing the Fire Department to replace the aging SCBA air packs, facepieces, air bottles and Rapid Intervention Team bags.  The Fire Department purchased the following items:

·         28 - Scott X3 Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)
·         56 - 45 psi, 45-minute air bottles
·         14 - Scott Facepieces
·         3 - Rapid Intervention Team Bags
·         3 - 45 psi, 60-minute air bottles
·         28 - Epic 3 Voice Amplifiers
·         3 - Scott Sight (Facepiece mounted Thermal Imaging Camera)

The Scott SCBAs that were purchased meet the current 2013 NFPA standards, contain the newest safety features, have improved enhancements for comfort and weight distribution, have a streamline design for reduced profile and contain updated technology.  The SCBAs also have “buddy lights” which allow other fire fighters to visually see the amount of air that is left in the SCBA through a series of different colored flashing lights.  It is important for fire fighters to be able to easily identify the amount of air that the crew members have left especially in a dark environment.

The Scott Sight is a hands free thermal imaging camera (TIC) that is mounted on the facepiece, allowing the fire fighter to scan an area to assist in locating the fire or to assist in locating any patients that may need assistance.  Since the thermal imagining camera is hands free, this allows the fire fighter to have both hands available to carry a tool or any other item the fire fighter may need.

Along with the new SCBAs and the TIC, the voice amplifiers will allow the fire fighters to communicate more effectively in hazardous conditions.  With the new air bottles, the fire fighters will have 45 minutes of air to breath compared to the old air bottles which had 30 minutes of air, allowing them to remain in hazardous conditions for a longer period of time.

The fire fighters are very excited and thankful to have the new equipment.  With this equipment, the fire fighters will be able to work more effectively in a hazardous environment, while still being safe.