Thursday, June 22, 2017

Outdoor Warning Sirens

As we are in the heat of the severe weather season, it is a good time to review what the outdoor warning sirens are for and what to do if you hear the outdoor warning sirens sounding. One common misunderstanding about these sirens is that you should be able to hear the sirens inside the home. This is incorrect. These outdoor warning sirens are designed to alert the public of an imminent threat, be it severe weather or some other general emergency. If you hear these warning sirens head to the indoors and tune to a local news station to get the information on the emergency that is happening.

As a reminder, the outdoor warning sirens in Brown County are tested weekly on Wednesdays at noon. It is also a good idea to have a weather radio in your home to warn you of severe weather in the area. Please visit the Brown County Emergency Management webpage for more information on the outdoor warning sirens. also offers extensive information and preparedness materials focused for children.  Please take the time to visit the webpage and prepare yourself.  Thank you and make it a safe day!

Child Product Recalls

Safe Kids Worldwide has recently published the list of the most up to date child product recalls. Topping the list for the month of June is the Madison Mill 23 and 25 Foldaway Gate. According to the recall, the danger for this product is that a young child’s neck can fit into the “V” shaped opening along the top edge of the gate, posing entrapment and strangulation hazards to young children. Also, young children can pass under the gate allowing access to restricted areas, such as stairs. This recall affects approximately 25,180 units (In addition about 68,400 were sold in Canada). Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled gates and contact Madison Mill for instructions on receiving a full refund.  Please follow the link to get the full details on this recall as well as a complete list of current recalls. Bellevue Fire Department thanks you and reminds you to make it a safe day!

Bellevue's Movies in the Park to Start This Friday, June 23

The Bellevue Parks, Recreation and Forestry Department has 3 great movies planned for you this summer.  The first one is tomorrow, Friday, June 23 at Josten Park.  Concessions start at 7:30pm and all movies start at dusk.  Don't forget a blanket and lawn chairs!

Friday, June 23:  Sing (Rated PG)
June's Movie in the Park is Sponsored by KI

Friday, July 21:  The Jungle Book (Rated PG) 
July's Movie in the Park is Sponsored by Green Bay Family Dental

Friday, August 18:  The Secret Life of Pets (Rated PG)
August's Movie in the Park is Sponsored by Bellevue Family Dentistry

Friday, June 16, 2017

It's Only a Little Grass...

It's only a little grass in the street, what harm could that cause?  As it starts out, not much, but add tens and hundreds of areas and it quickly becomes a major issue.  Grass in the curb will block the stormwater from getting to the catch basin.  The drainage at the blocked area will push the water out into the travel lanes of the street and potentially cause ponding of water.

Once the grass gets wet, it tends to stick together and start to decompose.  It is almost like creating compost in the street.  This problem perpetuates the previous issue, as more and more grass gets caught up in the blockage with each mowing.

Sometimes the grass makes it all the way down to the catch basin.  Catch basins are designed to accept a certain amount of drainage.  Storm sewer systems are engineered to reduce flooding in the street and private property.  When the catch basins become blocked with grass, the capacity is taken away from accepting water.  Ponding occurs around the catch basin, which can lead to localized flooding and possibly property damage.  The Village might be able to sweep it up, but that could be months away.  It takes the Village street sweeper approximately 2-3 weeks to go through the Village one time.  There are over 130 curb miles to sweep in the Village.

What happens after the stormwater gets into the catch basin?  The stormwater travels through a series of progressively larger pipes until it outlets into a ditch, stream, river, or pond.  It does not take much for a twig or small tree branch to enter the catch basin and attempt to travel downstream.  Sometimes stones or other material get caught in the pipes which act as a dam and additional debris catcher for grass.  The grass begins to compost, and release pollutants like phosphorus or nitrogen into the stormwater every time it rains.  The capacity of the pipe to convey water is reduced as well, until water backs up onto the street or yard drains.

The Village has over 90 miles of pipes and over 1,200 catch basins installed throughout the community.  We manage to clean and maintain only a small fraction of those every year.  When hazardous weather approaches, it there is not enough time for our staff to make sure every catch basin is cleared off and all debris (grass/leaves) are cleared out of the curb to prevent potential flooding.  We need your help to make sure the systems operate efficiently by not mowing grass into the curb.  Please take the time to sweep or blow the street grass back onto the lawn.  If you have catch basins in your neighborhood, take the time to make sure it is cleared off before rainfalls come.

The Village does have ordinances prohibiting discharging grass into the street. Please help to protect the environment and your community from the damage that grass clippings can inflict!

Allouez Avenue Bridge over I-43 Closed for Maintenance

The Allouez Avenue bridge crossing I-43 will be closed for approximately 3-4 weeks. The closure began on Friday, June 16th. As a part of other similar projects in their I-43 improvements, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation is closing the bridge in order to install a new concrete deck overlay. The Village will post updates as new information and project updates are provided from the DOT.

For the latest construction project updates from the Village of Bellevue please visit our Current & Future Projects page on the Village website.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

NFPA: Fireworks Safety

Fireworks are often used to mark special events and holidays. However, they are not safe in the hand of consumers. Fireworks cause thousands of burns and eyes injuries each year. People can enjoy fireworks safely if the follow a few simple safety tips:

Be Careful!

  • Be safe. If you want to see fireworks, go to a public show put on by experts.
  • Do not use consumer fireworks.
  • Keep a close eye on children at events where fireworks are used.
Firework Safety Facts
  • Fireworks cause an average of almost 18,500 reported fires per years.
  • Sparklers account for more than one-quarter of emergency room fireworks injuries.
Did You Know?
Sparklers can burn as hot as 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit! As a comparison, consider that wood burns at 575 degrees and glass melts at 900 degrees! 

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Passport to the Parks--A GREAT Way to Get Your Kids Out and Exploring This Summer

Not sure what to do with your kids this summer (already)?  Why not enroll them in our new Passport to the Parks program?  This is a FREE program for Village of Bellevue residents in grades K-8.  Parks provide a sense of place for our residents.  Our goal this summer is to get your kids out in the parks exploring, spending quality family and friend time, and having fun.  Kids have 3 months (now through August 31) to complete the tasks as listed in the Parks Passport Book.  Once the passport book is completed, turn in the completed passport to the Village Offices by Thursday, August 31st to get a FREE T-SHIRT.  You can register for this program online now through Friday, June 16.

Register online HERE

If you have further questions about the program, please call the Recreation Department at 468-5225. 
Thank you to Pro-One Janitorial for sponsoring this great program. 

NFPA: Lightning Safety

Thunder and lightning storms happen all the time. Know what to do to keep you and your family safe when storms strike. Below are some safety tips for when you are either outside or inside during a lightning storm.

Outdoor Safety

  • If you can hear thunder, you are within striking distance of lightning. Look for shelter inside a home, large building, or a hard-topped vehicle right away.
  • Do not go under trees for shelter. There is no place outside that is safe during a thunderstorm.
  • Wait at least 30 minuted after hearing the last clap of thunder before leaving your shelter.
  • Stay away from windows and doors. Stay off porches.
  • There is no safe place outside. Places with only a roof on sports fields, golf courses, and picnic areas are not safe during a lightning storm. Small sheds should not be used.
  • If a person is struck by lightning, call 9-1-1. Get medical help right away.

Indoor Safety
  • Turn off computers. Staff off corded phones, computers, and other things that put you in direct contact with electricity or plumbing. You can use a cell or cordless phone.
  • Do not wash your hands, bathe, shower, do laundry, or wash dishes.

Did You Know?
  • Lightning may strike as far as 10 miles from any rain!

Monday, June 5, 2017

May 2017 Building Permit Numbers

The Village issued 56 permits for the month of May for a total permitted value of $974,779.  The total for the year (2017) is $16,000,241 and 190 permits issued.  This compares to 184 permits issued for a value of $9,472,316 for the same period last year.

The largest permit issued for May 2017 were for two single-family homes.  One of the homes will be constructed on Rodeo Drive in the Bedford Heights subdivision and the other will be constructed on Manitowoc Road.

For May, the Village  issued 2 single-family permits for the month to bring this years total to 15 with a total value of $3,641,500 (average of $242,766 per home).  In 2016 at this time a total of 15 single-family permits had been issued with a total value of $2,508,700 (average of $167,246 per home).

Friday, June 2, 2017

NFPA: Safety in Places of Public Assembly

Every day, millions of people wake up, go to work or school, and take part in social events. But every so often, the unexpected happens: an earthquake, a fire, a chemical spill, an act of terrorism or some other disaster. Routines change drastically, and people are suddenly aware of how fragile their lives and routines can be. Each disaster can have lasting effects - people may be seriously injured or killed, and devastating and costly property damage can occur. People entering any public assembly building need to be prepared in case of an emergency.

Before You Enter

  • Take a good look. Does the building appear to be in a condition that makes you feel comfortable? Is the main entrance wide and does it open outward to allow easy exit? Is the outside area clear of materials stored against the building or blocking exits?
  • Have a communications plan. Identify a relative or friend to contact in case of emergency and you are separated from family or friends.
  • Plan a meeting place. Pick a meeting place outside to meet family or friends with whom you are attending the function. If there is an emergency, be sure to meet them there.
When You Enter
  • Take a good look. Locate exits immediately. When you enter a building, you should look for all available exits. Some exits may be in front and some in back of you. Be prepared to use your closest exit. You may not be able to use the main exit.
  • Check for clear exit paths. Make sure aisles are wide enough and not obstructed by chairs or furniture. Check to make sure you exit door is not blocked or chained. If there are not at least two exits or exit paths are blocked, report the violation to management and leave the building if it is not immediately addressed. Call the local fire marshal to register a complaint.
  • Do you feel safe? Does the building appear to be overcrowded? Are there fire sources such as candles burning, cigarettes or cigars burning, pyrotechnics, or other heat sources that may make you feel unsafe? Are there safety systems in place such as alternative exits, sprinklers, and smoke alarms? Ask the management for clarification on your concerns. If you do not feel safe in the building, leave immediately.
During an Emergency
  • React immediately. If an alarm sounds, you see smoke or fire, or some other unusual disturbance, immediately exit the building in an orderly fashion.
  • Get out, stay out. Once you have escaped, stay out. Under no circumstances should you ever go back into a burning building. Let trained firefighters conduct rescue operations.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Bellevue Fire Department Welcomes New Battalion Chief

The Bellevue Fire Department is excited to welcome a new Battalion Chief onto its team. Stefan Schaefer comes to us after serving as a Volunteer Firefighter and a Lieutenant with the Village of Howard for 15 years. Stefan graduated from Gillett High School and served in the United States Air Force for 3 years. He credits his experiences from the Air Force and time in Howard in preparing him for the demands of the Battalion Chief position. Stefan has also instructed several students enrolled in the Northeast Wisconsin Technical College Fire Training Program. Stefan is looking forward to beginning the next chapter in his career with the Village of Bellevue.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Rocker!Rocker!Rocker! to open Rockin' in Josten on Monday, June 5

The 2017 season of Rockin' in Josten is opening up on Monday, June 5 with Rocker!Rocker!Rocker!  Rocker!Rocker!Rocker! has been rocking crowds in northeast Wisconsin for years.  They are an excellent band to get you off your feet and moving!  Rocker!Rocker!Rocker! will be playing from 6-8:30pm at Josten Park.  As a reminder, Town Hall Road is under construction this summer, so your best access to the park is from the north off Hazen Road.  Don't forget lawn chairs or a blanket.  Concessions are provided by Friends of Bellevue Parks.  Hamburgers, hotdogs, brats, candy and refreshments will be available for sale. 

The 2017 Rockin' in Josten schedule is as follows: 
Monday, June 5th:  Rocker!Rocker!Rocker! (classic rock)
Monday, June 19th:  Fabulous Rugburns (pop/rock variety)
Monday, July 10:  Bazooka Joe (unplugged Johnny Wad band)
Monday, July 24:  Cat 5 (rock classics to country)
Monday, August 7:  Big Mouth and The Power Tool Horns (R&B/funk)
Monday, August 21:  The Moonlighters (standards, classic & swing)

All concerts are 6-8:30pm

Water Tower #1 Inspection June 16

The Village of Bellevue will be conducting mandatory inspection on our Water Tower #1, located at the corner of Willow Road and Erie Road, beginning June 16, 2017. The inspection process is anticipated to last about one week. As a result of the inspection, affected users will experience a noticeable drop in their water pressure as we prepare for the inspection, during the inspection, and then until the tower is back in full operation. Homes and businesses affected are those on or east of Ontario Road only. Any questions may be directed to the Village’s Public Works Department at (920) 468-5225.

Friday, May 19, 2017

APWA: May 21-27 is National Public Works Week

The week of May 21st is National Public Works Week. The theme for this year's National public Works Week is "Public Works Connects Us," examining and celebrating the vital role public works plays in connecting all of us together. As the cornerstone of civilization, public works provides, maintains, and improves the structures and services that assure a higher quality of life for our communities. Its streets, roads, bridges, and public transportation keep us linked together from coast to coast, and its clean water and sanitation services keep us healthy and allow our communities to grow and prosper. During the week of May 21st, if you see any of the Village's Public Works employees out and about, please be sure to wave and thank them for their many years of dedicated service to our community and in keeping us all connected.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

NFPA: Electrical Safety around Swimming Pools, Hot Tubs, and Spas

For many of us, water activities equal fun. But it's important to be aware of the electrical hazards while enjoying the water. Know how to be safe around swimming pools, hot tubs, and spas.

  • If you are putting in a new pool, hot tub, or spa, be sure the wiring is performed by an electrician experience in the special safety requirements for these types of installations.
  • Outdoor receptacles must have covers that keep them dry even when appliances are plugged into them.
  • Ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) are special devices designed to protect against electric shock and electrocution. They are required for most pool, spa or hot tub equipment. They may be in the form of an outlet or a circuit breaker. Test the GFCIs monthly according to the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Electrical appliances, equipment, and cords should be kept at least 6 feet away from the water. When possible, use battery-operated appliances and equipment, such as televisions, radios, and stereos.
  • Avoid handling electrical devices when you are wet.
  • Make sure that any overhead lines maintain the proper distance over a pool and other structures, such as a dicing board. If unsure, contact a qualified electrician or your local utility company to make sure power lines are a safe distance away.
  • Do not swim during a thunderstorm.
  • Have a qualified electrician periodically inspect and - where necessary - replace or upgrade the electrical devices or equipment that keep your pool, spa, or hot tub electrically safe.
  • Have a qualified electrician show ou how to turn off all power in case of an emergency.
Know the Risks!
  • Be aware when skin is wet or when surrounding surfaces, such as the grass or pool deck, are wet. Wet skin or wet surfaces can greatly increase the chance of electrocution when electricity is present.
  • There are several signs of electrical shock. Swimmers may fell feel a tingling sensation. They may experience muscle cramps. They may not be able to move. The may feel as if something is holding them in place.
  • If you think someone in the water is being shocked, turn off all power, but do not attempt to go in the water. Use a fiberglass or other kind of rescue hook that doesn't conduct electricity to help the swimmer. Have someone call 9-1-1.
  • If you think you are being shocked while in the water, move away from the source of the shock. Get out of the water.

Village Road/Utility Construction Updates

Its a busy construction summer for the Village in 2017. While we do our best to keep our residents and the general public updated on our projects and potential traffic impacts, it is often challenging due to the pace of projects and changing weather conditions.

The latest updates on Village projects will be posted on our Current & Future Projects page of our website. We will also use our Facebook and Twitter accounts as necessary to keep you updated. Remember that our new free Village App also provides easy access to all our social media accounts.

Please use care and caution around any construction zone areas and avoid the area if at all possible. Do your part to avoid distracted driving and keep our workers safe in construction zones.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Youth Fun Run Series to be Held at Josten Park

New for 2017, the Bellevue Parks, Recreation and Forestry Department is offering a Youth Fun Run Series. Held on 4 Sunday evenings throughout the summer at Josten Park, youth ages 2-12 can participate in a fun run as a way to stay active and begin to experience the joy of running in a non-competitive, friendly environment. There will be 3 age-appropriate run lengths through Josten Park, led by members of Preble Cross Country Team. The event is free, however registration is required. Children ages 4 and younger must have an older sibling or adult run with them.
You only have to register once for all 4 events.
Participant check in is from 6:30-6:50pm.   The run starts at 7:00pm.

To register for the 2-6 year age group, click HERE
To register for the 7-9 year age group, click HERE
To register for the 10-12 year age group, click HERE 

This event is sponsored by O.S.M.S. and made possible with volunteers from the Preble High School Cross Country Team.

Concessions and refreshments will be sold to support the Preble XC Team. 

Rockin' in Josten Starts June 5

Bellevue's favorite summer concert series is back again this summer with a great line-up!  Rockin' in Josten is offered 6 Monday evenings at Josten Park from 6-8:30pm.  These concerts are a great time for friends and family to come to the park and enjoy some wonderful, free, live music.  Concessions are sold at the event thanks to the Bellevue Lions Club and the Friends of Bellevue Parks. 

The 2017 Rockin' in Josten line up is as follows:

Monday, June 5:  Rocker! Rocker! Rocker!  A local favorite with a loyal following,  Rocker! Rocker! Rocker! plays classic rock.

Monday, June 19:  Fabulous Rugburns  (pop/rock variety)

Monday, July 10:  Bazooka Joe (unplugged Johnny Wad, another local favorite)

Monday, July 24:  Cat 5 (rock classics to country)

Monday, August 7:  Big Mouth and The Power Tool Horns (R&B / funk)

Monday, August 21:  The Moonlighters (standards, classic & swing)

All concerts start at 6:00pm under the open shelter; don't forget a lawn chair or a blanket.  Please note that Town Hall Road is under construction this summer, so your easiest route to the park will be to access it from Hazen Road off of Allouez Avenue.  There will be no parking allowed on Town Hall Road this summer due to the construction, so please plan accordingly. 

All Bellevue parks are smoke and vape free.

Friday, May 12, 2017

2017 Recycling Guide

The 2017 Northeast Wisconsin Recycle Guide was recently updated and distributed.

To see the guide and learn more about recycling visit the Brown County Resource Recovery website.

Check out their extensive YouTube videos as well. They provide great detail and tutorials on many materials including cans, cardboard, plastic bottles, pizza boxes, styrofoam and so much more.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Village of Bellevue App, Download it Today

Have you downloaded the Village of Bellevue app yet? Our new app launched in April and is FREE. The app provides our residents, business owners, and visitors quick access to some of our website's most prominent features in a convenient, easy-to-use app installed on your smartphone or tablet.

Some of these features include: viewing and registering for the Village's recreation programs, viewing the Village's News or Blog feeds, submitting Citizen Requests, viewing any active emergency alerts, and more!

To download the Village of Bellevue app, simply search "Village of Bellevue" in your device's app store, find the Village's app, and download.

Open Book & Board of Review Scheduled

The Village of Bellevue contracts with Fair Market Assessment to serve as the Village Assessor.  The Village Assessor can be contacted at (920) 468-9698 or at with property assessment questions.

Open Book is annually held before the Board of Review meeting and is when the assessment roll is open for examination. The Village Assessor is required to be present for a minimum of two hours while the assessment roll is open. Property owners with questions or requests regarding their assessment are encouraged to contact the Assessor directly and/or attend Open Book. Open Book has been scheduled for May 17, 2017 from 2:00-4:00 p.m. at Village Hall, 3100 Eaton Road.

If adjustments to the assessment roll are not completed by the Assessor or at Open Book, property owners may make arrangements to be heard by the Board of Review.  Board of Review has been scheduled for May 31, 2017 from 6:00-8:00 p.m. at Village Hall, 3100 Eaton Road.  Property owners that want to appear before the Board of Review should contact Karen Simons, Finance Director/Clerk-Treasurer with the Village at least 48 hours prior to the meeting.

Friday, May 5, 2017

NFPA: Safety with Oily Rags

Oil-based paints, stains, and varnishes are often used for home improvement project. It is common to use rags to wipe up spills or clean brushes. But wet rags can ignite on their own. They can start a fire if not handled carefully. The same is true of the liquids themselves.

How can rags start a fire?
The oils commonly used in oil-based paints and stains release heat as they dry. If the heat is not release in the air, it builds up. That is why a pile of oily rags can be dangerous. As the rags dry, the heat is trapped. The heat builds up and finally causes a fire. Be aware that this does not happen wit h water-based finishes.

How can liquids start a fire?
Vapors from flammable and combustible liquids can ignite, causing a fire. There are many commonly used flammable liquids. Gasoline, lacquers, and nail polish are just a few examples. There are many commonly used combustible liquids. Paint thinner, kerosene, and oil-based paints and stains are some examples.

Rags wet with paint and stain
  • Never leave cleaning rags in a pile. At the end of the day, take the rags outside to dry.
  • Hang the rags outside or spread them on the ground. Weigh them down. Do this so they do not blow away. make sure they are not in a pile. Keep them away from buildings.
  • Put dried rags in a metal container. Make sure the cover is tight. Fill the container with a water and detergent solution. This will break down the oils.
  • Keep containers of oily rags in a cool place. Kepp them out of direct sunlight. Keep them away from other heat sources. Check with your municipality for information on disposing of them.
Liquids that can catch fire
  • Flammable and combustible liquids should not be sued near an open flame. Do not smoke when working with these liquids.
  • If you spill liquids on your clothing, remove your clothing and place it outside to dry. Once dry, clothing can be laundered.
  • Keep liquids in their original containers. Keep them tightly capped or sealed. Never store the liquids in glass containers.
  • Use gasoline only as a motor fuel. never use it as a cleaner. Never use it to break down grease. Never bring gasoline indoors, even in small amounts.
  • Store gasoline ONLY in a container that is sold for the purpose. Make sure the container is tightly capped when not in use. NEVER store gasoline containers in a basement or in the occupied space of a building. Keep them in an outbuilding, a detached garage, or a shed outdoors.
  • An average of 1,600 home fires per year are caused by instances of spontaneous combustion or chemical reaction.
  • An average of 800 home fires per year are started when oily rags catch fire or are ignited.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Summer Discount Tickets Available for Area Attractions

The Summer Discount Tickets are back in the Village office.  Save money by purchasing your attraction tickets at the Village Offices, Monday-Friday 7:30am-4:30pm. Most attraction brochures are available at the Village Office.  Purchasing your discount tickets from the Village helps financially supports our Parks, Recreation and Forestry Department.  Tickets are on sale from May through August. 

2017attractions include:

Jet Boat Adventures
Milwaukee County Zoo
Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park
Upper Dells Boat Tours
Wisconsin Ducks Tour
Noah's Ark Water park
Pirate's Cove Adventure Golf
Six Flags Great America

Please note there are no refunds on ticket sales. 

Bike & Walk to School Day - Wednesday, May 10

Why Walk or Bike? It’s fun! Remember the thrill of riding a bike for the first time or walking to school that first day?

There’s a feeling of joy and independence —a sense of adventure—that doesn’t fade. When walking or biking, parents and children get to appreciate things they don’t notice while driving—listening to the sounds of the neighborhood, seeing friends and neighbors and feeling connected with their community. Parents, children and friends can enjoy one another’s company without the usual distractions.

Join us on May 10th and consider biking and walking to school. Most of all, it's fun! Village public safety providers will be doing their part to promote this day and make it safe for all who participate. Learn more about the day at the Walk & Bike to School website.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Hydrant Flushing to Begin May 8

The Village of Bellevue will begin flushing fire hydrants throughout the Village beginning the week of May 8, 2017 and concluding by May 26, 2017. Residents may experience discolored water while the flushing occurs.  The water is safe to drink, however discolored water may stain clothing. If you notice work being done in your neighborhood, you are encouraged to temporarily avoid water use if feasible. Residents are encouraged to run their faucets with cold water until the color is removed. Questions may be directed to the Public Works Department at  920-468-5225.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

2017 Citizen's Academy Graduation

Congratulations to the 2017 Village of Bellevue Citizen's Academy graduates. A graduation ceremony was recently completed at the April 26th Village Board meeting recognizing the citizen students for their attendance and participation in our Academy. The Bellevue Citizen's Academy will be held again in spring 2018.

The following graduates were recognized:
  • Jeff Adams
  • Michelle Cheslock
  • Kyle Ford
  • Ellie Frey
  • Shawn Geiger
  • Brook Hurwit
  • John Kindt
  • Pete Kirschling
  • Rachel Kline
  • Susan Lesneski
  • Melanie Siebold
  • Sue Tortenson

Monday, May 1, 2017

K9 Karnival on Saturday, May 13 at Josten Park

The Village of Bellevue Parks, Recreation and Forestry Department is happy to work with the Mossakowski Family Dog Park Committee and partner with Oak View Veterinary Hospital to bring you the annual K9 Karnival at Josten Park on Saturday, May 13th from 10am to 2pm.

The K9 Karnival event will feature a variety of games and contests for dogs, children’s activities, raffles, dog costume contests, and pet photos.

Admission: $5.00 per dog. Proof of current vaccinations required at entrance. Proceeds will benefit the Mossakowski Family Dog Park in Bellevue. 

For more information on the Laura & Peter Mossakowski Family Dog Park efforts, visit the Dog Park Committee website at


Thursday, April 27, 2017

Sidwalk Construction to Begin at DeBroux Park

As part of the 2017 road and construction projects in Bellevue, new and replacement sidewalks will be added at DeBroux Park from the entrance running south along the west side of the parking lot to the end of the parking lot.  Construction on the sidewalk is beginning the week of April 24th.  When this project is finished, users of the park and parking lot will have ADA compliant access from the parking lot to the sidewalk and will have additional sidewalk along the parking lot to provide a safe walk for pedestrians when they are accessing the park from the parking lot.   

2017 Road Crack Filling Maintenance Program

The Village accepted bids on the 2017 crack filling maintenance contract. Asphalt Seal and Repair from De Pere submitted the low bid for the project. The proposed roads to receive the maintenance are posted on the Village website under Current & Future Projects.  Some roads on the list may not be completed this year due to more or less material being needed on the planned streets.  If the maintenance is not performed on the listed streets this year, it will be placed on the schedule for next year.

Crack filling is a maintenance method used to keep water from penetrating below the surface and breaking it up. The less water that penetrates the surface, the longer we can make the streets last.  This method of maintenance is not cost effective for streets that have a lot of surface cracking.  Depending on the type of cracking, the road may be resurfaced, or if severe structural damage has occurred, is subject to reconditioning.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Homeowners Guide to Diggers Hotline

REMINDER NOTICE to Village Residents/Property Owners: Special Assessments

As part of the Village’s annual Capital Improvement Planning process, our 71 miles of Village streets are evaluated for needed resurfacing and repairs. Streets are typically resurfaced once every 20-25 years.

Special Assessments are currently used by the Village to fund these resurfacing projects.  Assessments involve charging a fee directly to property owners for improvement projects that benefits the abutting property.  Assessments per property (lot) can range from approximately $6,000- $8,000. Corner lots are assessed at 1/2 lot per side.

Bills are typically sent out in September and may be paid in full without interest within 30 days. If the bill is not paid in full within 30 days, charges are levied on the property tax bill with interest. Payments are due annually over a 10 year period on the tax bill. Assessments can be paid off early and interest is charged only on the remaining principal.

Residents are encouraged to review our Village Capital Improvement Plan and Special Assessment page to learn more about our program and when your road may be planned for improvements. Plans are reviewed annually and therefore are subject to change annually. Residents with resurfacing projects in 2017 and subject to assessments have been notified. Currently, no projects are scheduled again until 2019.

Monday, April 24, 2017

From the Brown County Sheriff's Office: Save yourself the stress: Lock your doors

The Brown County Sheriff's Office would like to remind Bellevue residents that taking only a few moments to check your locks each day and night can save you a great deal of stress. Consider: by taking less than a minute each night to make sure that the locks on your windows, doors, and garage service doors are locked, you can save yourself the stress of having your property burglarized. It is also recommended that you do the same for the daytime hours that you will not be home.

Friday, April 21, 2017

NFPA: Marina & Boating Safety

Boats can be a great source of summer fun and leisure. But, boaters, swimmers, and marina staff must be aware of dangers in and around the water. Electrical hazards and carbon monoxide (CO) bring unique risks to the boating world. Learn to protect people and pets from these dangers.

Electrical Safety

  • Never allow swimming near the boat, marina, or launching ramp. Residual current could flow into the water from the boat or the marina's wiring. This can put anyone at risk of electrical shock drownings (ESD).
  • Be sure your boat is well-maintained. Have it inspected each year. Ask a qualified marine electrician to do this job.
  • Ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) and equipment leakage circuit interrupters (ELCIs) should be installed and tested monthly. Run tests to find out if electrical current is leaking from the boat.
  • Only use cords intended for marine use. Never use household cords near water.
  • Know where your main breakers are on both the boat and the shore power source. This will help you respond quickly in an emergency.

Know the Risks!
Electrical shock drownings can occur when marina electrical systems leak electrical current into the water. Boats can also serve as the source of an electrical leakage. Leakage can cause a shock that can injure, disable, or kill a person.

Carbon Monoxide is a gas you cannot see, taste, or smell. It is often called the "invisible killer." CO is created when fuels such as gasoline, diesel, or propane do not burn fully. CO is also produced when wood or charcoal is burned.

Sources of CO on your boat may include engines, gas generators, and cooking ranges. Space and water heaters can also be sources of CO. CO can collect anywhere in or around a boat. The gas is harmful to both people and pets.

Carbon Monoxide Safety

  • Poorly tuned engines produce more CO. Keep your engine properly maintained. Follow manufacturer's instructions for service.
  • Proper ventilation for engine and generator exhaust vents must be clear and pipes should be inspected for leaks.
  • Get into fresh air right away and get help if you feel symptoms of CO poisoning. These include: headache, fatigue, confusion, dizziness, nausea, or seizures. The symptoms can be similar to seasickness. Assume it is exposure until you are sure the boat is safe.
  • Do not swim near the boat's exhaust cents. CO accumulates there.
  • Install CO alarms inside your boat. Test CO alarms before each trip.
    • Choose a CO alarm that is listed by a qualified testing laboratory.
    • If the CO alarm sounds, move to a fresh air location right away.
  • FACT: CO can remain in or around your boat at unsafe levels even if the engine has been turned off.