Saturday, October 22, 2016

Fall is in the Air

While the leaves fall of the trees, the we remind residents that curbside leaf pick up is not a service the Village provides.  "Over the years, we have noticed a trend in public services to reduce or eliminate this program in other communities." said Bill Balke, Public Works Director.  The Village has never provided leaf pick up.  "Leaf pick up is a very labor intense process that occurs at a time when we are winterizing the water system, completing sanitary cleaning, and preparing for the winter plowing season.  There is just not enough time, people, or equipment to complete the operation", said Balke.

It is illegal to place debris in the street including leaves and grass.  While it may be tempting to sweep them in the street before the final street sweeping of the year, residents must refrain from the temptation.  Balke said, "Our staff will be performing one more street sweeping for the year.  If there are excessive leaves at the curb or in the street, the sweeper will go around the property and the resident will receive a notice to remove the leaves from the curb or street."  Most of the residents know this as common practice in the Village, but some residents move from communities that offer the service.

If you must dispose of your leaves, we advise residents to take their leaves out to the compost site located at 3891 Eaton Road before the snow flies.  The compost site is open from April to first snowfall (usually December).  The operation of the compost site and disposal is paid for by all residents in part by your recycling fee each month.  In 2015 over 7,800 cubic yards of leaves and yard waste were ground up to start compost for reuse.  Some of this material was sold to offset the cost of the grinding service.

If you would rather not take the trip to the compost site there are other alternatives.  Other methods of disposal typically include mulching them with your lawnmower, rototilling them into a garden, and creating your own compost pile.  Burning of leaves is allowed by the Village by permit only.  Please contact the fire department for requirements before using this method.