Friday, August 26, 2016

Phragmites Project Update

Approximately 800 acres of non-native Phragmites has been mapped in Brown County and will be targeted for treatment, pending landowner permissions. Sites include a mix of coastal wetlands, shoreline and riparian areas, roadsides, parks and trails, private residences, and commercial and industrial properties. Treatment areas are included in the Village of Bellevue.

Treatments will include chemical application of an aquatic-approved formulation containing the herbicide imazapyr, followed by mowing in late fall or winter (where feasible).  Spraying began recently and will continue through the full month of September, possibly into early October.

Yellow treatment area signs will be posted to indicate active work sites and any restrictions.  Throughout the treatment season, the Phragmites Information Hotline (920-430-0220) will be regularly updated with the planned treatment schedule and progress. This project is being coordinated by Bay-Lake Regional Planning Commission. For further information visit their Phragmites Management page.