Thursday, June 2, 2016

Fire Department Completes Propane Tank Training

If you were anywhere near Fire Station #2 recently, located at 1811 Allouez Ave., you likely noticed a large fire ball. No, the station was not on fire! Members of the Bellevue, Ledgeview and De Pere Fire Departments took part in a propane emergency training. The training taught firefighters how to deal with propane leaks and fires safely and efficiently. The first part of the training was a classroom portion which covered the different ways propane is transported and what types of containers firefighters are likely to encounter based on the location of the incident. Firefighters also learned about the less common containers, how to identify these containers, and where these containers will likely be located.

After the classroom portion of the training was completed it was time for the practical hands on portion. Here, firefighters trained on techniques to fight the fire in order to make a safe approach and shut off the corresponding valves in order to stop the leak. The propane fires included grill, a forklift, a bulk tank, and propane terminal piping. Each emergency had its own unique challenges and required a great amount of teamwork and coordination. The training was a big success and a great job was done by everyone involved! We would like to extend our thanks to the Wisconsin Propane Education and Research Council (WPERC) for supplying the propane, Fire LLC and its instructors for conducting the training, and Ledgeview and De Pere Fire for participating.