Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Bellevue Sheriff's Deputies Reminder: Vehicle Theft Prevention

We are encouraging residents to lock their car doors. Our Bellevue Sheriff's Deputies have recently received multiple complaints of vehicles broken into because doors were open or valuables were in clear sight. Please remember to remove your valuables, lock your cars and report and any suspicious activity. Listed below are further tips to help protect you from a theft or stolen vehicle.

  • Lock your vehicle
  • Close your windows
  • Take your keys with you
  • Remove your garage remote
  • Remove number codes from your keys
  • Lock vent windows (in trucks)
  • Remove spare keys hidden on or in your vehicle
  • Park and lock your vehicles in a garage when possible
  • Remove any valuables including purses, wallets, cash, phone, etc. 
  • Ensure anything of value is not in plain sight
  • Lock valuables in the trunk
  • Remove detachable stereos and faceplates from your vehicle every time 

When equipment or tools must be kept in a vehicle, use a strong-walled, tamper proof box
that can be bolted down and secured with heavy duty locks. Do not assume a box is secure because it is heavy.