Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Milwaukee County Zoo Trip--Let's Go!

Come visit the Milwaukee County Zoo with the Village on Wednesday, June 22!

The bus departs at 7:30 am from the Sam's Club Parking Lot (2470 W. Mason St.) and will return between 5:30-6:00 pm.

Fee: $32.50/adult (12+) and $30.50/child (ages 3-12) Includes coach bus transportation and admission to the Zoo. Lunch and any shopping or additional expenses are on your own. 

Register by Friday, June 10 online at:  http://apm.activecommunities.com/villageofbellevue/Activity_Search/2290
or call the Village offices at 468-5225.

This is a popular event so make sure you save your spot!

Summer Camp Open House

It is time to get your child ready and excited for Summer Camp!  Come to Josten or DeBroux Park and meet the Camp Counselors for the 2016 Summer Camp.  This is a great, relaxed opportunity for you and your child to meet the staff and get a feel of the camp for the summer.  Stop by and say, "Hi!"

2016 Summer Camp Open House
Thursday, June 9 from 5:30 - 6:30 pm at both DeBroux and Josten Parks

Bike Safety Reminders

Summer is here and as we begin to take part in our favorite summertime activities we need to take a minute to think safety. Begin this summer by being a safety “role model” for all around you. According to Safe Kids Worldwide, properly-fitted helmets can reduce the risk of head injuries by at least 45% – yet less than half of children 14 and under usually wear a bike helmet. Here are some of the ways to reduce the risk of injury and death while biking.
  • Make sure your bike is properly fitted and in good working condition. A spring tune up is always a good idea.
  • Wear a properly fit helmet on EVERY ride (this includes skating and scooting). Wearing a properly fitted helmet is your insurance policy protecting you from a potentially disabling or fatal traumatic brain injury.  Use the following checklist to ensure a proper fit:
    •  EYES check: Position the helmet on your head. Look up and you should see the bottom rim of the helmet. The rim should be one to two finger-widths above the eyebrows.
    •  EARS check: Make sure the straps of the helmet form a "V" under your ears when buckled. The strap should be snug but comfortable.
    •  MOUTH check: Open your mouth as wide as you can. Do you feel the helmet hug your head? If not, tighten those straps and make sure the buckle is flat against your skin.
  • Make yourself visible. Fluorescent colors and reflectors make you more visible to motorists. If you are riding at night, ALWAYS remember a light.
  • Follow the rules of the road. Because your bike has wheels, you follow the same rules as a car does. Ride with traffic and obey the rules as if you were a car. Parents, ride with your children until you feel comfortable they can maneuver through traffic on their own. Test their skills by taking them out for a road test.
  • Stay focused and alert to your surroundings. Make certain that you see motorists and they see you. Eye contact is key to safety!
  • Enjoy the ride! Biking is an excellent form of exercise for the whole family.
Watch this video on how to ensure a proper fit from Safe Kids Worldwide: Safety In Seconds: Bike Helmets.   Make it a safe day!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Campfire Safety Tips

Around a holiday weekend, many people are looking forward to heading to their favorite camping spot or to a cabin somewhere. A favorite pastime during these trips is starting a campfire, roasting some marshmallows, cooking a hot dog and enjoying the company. Campfires are not without their dangers and we must also take a minute to think safety. Here are some tips from your Bellevue Fire Department on enjoying your campfire safely:
  1. If there is not an existing fire pit, and pits are allowed, look for a site that is at least fifteen feet away from tent walls, shrubs, trees or other flammable objects. Also beware of low-hanging branches overhead.
  2.  Use dry twigs and small sticks to build the fire. Once the fire begins to build up add larger wood as needed. Never use an accelerant, such as gasoline, to start the fire. This is dangerous and can lead to injuries and/or fires outside your intended area.
  3. Keep the fire small. Small fires can provide plenty of heat for cooking and keeping you warm. A large fire can quickly get out of control.
  4. Never leave a campfire unattended. Even a small breeze can blow hot debris outside of the fire pit and can quickly spread out of control.
  5. Keep a “circle of safety” around the campfire. This area should be about 4 feet around the campfire and children should not be allowed inside the “circle of safety”. Take a minute to explain to the children that fire is dangerous and the campfire area is not a playground.
  6. Make sure to always have water and a shovel handy in case you need to quickly extinguish the fire.
  7. When it is time to end the campfire fun make sure to apply enough water so that the entire pit and its contents are cool. Smokey Bear says “If it is too hot to touch it is too hot to leave”.
  8. ENJOY!
For more information on campfire safety please see the Smokey Bear's Campfire Safety Guide below and the Campfire Safety website. Thank you and make it a safe day! Remember, “Only you can prevent forest fires!”

Village Recognizes Eagle Scout for Eagle Scout Project at Josten Park

Justin Pigg, Eagle Scout from Troop 1173, was honored at the May 27, 2016 board meeting for his exemplary work on his Eagle Scout Project completed in October, 2015 at Josten Park.  Justin put in over 60 hours of pre-project construction work, which included planning, meeting with Village staff, paperwork and solicitation and coordination of resources.  Total volunteer hours, including project planning and presentation, was over 130 hours.  Approximately 13-15 volunteers consisting of troop members, family members, a Village staff supervisor and Village staff volunteers worked for 6 hours on a cold, wet, rainy Saturday in October at Josten Park.

The cost of the project was about $300, which included food for the volunteers and all supplies.  Plants and rocks were donated by community members, and the tarp was purchased through monies Justin had fund raised for during the past 4 years through Boy Scout popcorn sales.  Justin worked with Doug Tenor, Parks Foreman and Village Forester for the idea for the project.  Amphibian bonds represent a significant breeding, rearing and wintering habitat for amphibians.  They also provide great educational opportunities for children and adults alike. 

The Village is very grateful for the time, effort, and money spent to add this unique amenity to Josten Park. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Bellevue Sheriff's Deputies Reminder: Vehicle Theft Prevention

We are encouraging residents to lock their car doors. Our Bellevue Sheriff's Deputies have recently received multiple complaints of vehicles broken into because doors were open or valuables were in clear sight. Please remember to remove your valuables, lock your cars and report and any suspicious activity. Listed below are further tips to help protect you from a theft or stolen vehicle.

  • Lock your vehicle
  • Close your windows
  • Take your keys with you
  • Remove your garage remote
  • Remove number codes from your keys
  • Lock vent windows (in trucks)
  • Remove spare keys hidden on or in your vehicle
  • Park and lock your vehicles in a garage when possible
  • Remove any valuables including purses, wallets, cash, phone, etc. 
  • Ensure anything of value is not in plain sight
  • Lock valuables in the trunk
  • Remove detachable stereos and faceplates from your vehicle every time 

When equipment or tools must be kept in a vehicle, use a strong-walled, tamper proof box
that can be bolted down and secured with heavy duty locks. Do not assume a box is secure because it is heavy.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Fire Department Conducts Joint Training on Tactical EMS

It seems like every day we turn on the news there is yet another report on an active shooter incident somewhere in the United States. While no one wants to believe that this will happen in their jurisdiction, unfortunately, the reality is that this event could happen anywhere at any time.

Recently members from the Village of Bellevue Fire Department and the Brown County Sheriff’s Office conducted a joint training on tactical EMS response for this very situation. Protocols in the past have called for EMS personnel to stage away from the scene until police have confirmed that the building is clear. Clearing the building can take quite a bit of time, time that the victim/patient does not have. This is a lesson learned from the shooting at the Los Angeles International Airport where a patient sat for 33 minutes without EMS care and unfortunately did not survive. This is unacceptable and agencies are looking at how to prevent this from happening again.

One important step to preventing this is to conduct joint training like the one recently conducted. The objective of the training was to simulate exactly how EMS and Police would coordinate a successful extrication of a patient in an active shooter situation. Key items the participants trained on were different verbal commands/communications, techniques on entry into the area, areas of vulnerability, patient packaging (preparing the patient to be moved), applying tourniquets, and patient removal. This training is the first of more to come in order improve efficiency if this event were ever to occur in our community. A special thanks goes out to DEO Deputy Trevor Bilgo and DEO Deputy Matt Omdahl for leading and participating in the training with Village employees.

Outdoor Projects

As residents are getting ready to build fences, decks, and sheds there are somethings that you need to know.
  • Construction of a deck, fence, shed, or placement of a pre-fabricated shed requires a building permit from the Village Building Inspector with inspections conducted.
  • Sheds or accessory buildings must follow the setback requirements stated in the building code
  • Fence, walls hedges or shrubbery height are measured from the street grade
    • Fence height in the front and front side yard are not to exceed 3 feet
    • Fence height in rear yard and rear side yard are not to exceed 6 feet
    • Invisible fences or underground fences are not allowed within the right-of-way
  • All permits can be obtained at the Village Office located at 2828 Allouez Ave.
Questions on permits or projects can be called in as well to the building inspection department at 920-468-5225.

Manderly Way Park Canoe/Kayak Launch Now Open!

The Village of Bellevue hosted the grand opening of the canoe/kayak launch at Manderly Way Trailhead on Tuesday, May 17 at 4:30pm.  Representatives from Fox-Wisconsin Heritage Parkway, the WI DNR, Wisconsin Coastal Management and the Village were on site to give a brief explanation about how the launch came about and River Time Kayak Tours was also there to give free demos of their kayaks and allow people an opportunity to try the launch and try kayaking.  It was a beautiful day and everyone that was at the opening was very excited to add this recreational opportunity to the Village.  The launch was made possible through the efforts of the Fox-Wisconsin Heritage Parkway, a non-profit group dedicated to improving recreational opportunities (both aquatic and terrestrial) along the Fox and Wisconsin Rivers, and fully funded through two grants from the WI DNR and Wisconsin Coastal Management.  Access to the East River at Manderly Way is free and the launch will be open from May through October each year. Manderly Way is located off Bellevue Street south of Allouez Avenue. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Village Office Closed for Memorial Day

Fire Department Aerial Training

Emergencies do not always occur in locations that allow for easy truck placement.

This past Monday the Fire Department trained on setting up the ladder truck in challenging locations, including areas with multiple overhead obstructions (powerlines), narrow streets, and steep hills. Firefighters learned several techniques in the setup process that allowed them to level the truck and operate the 110' aerial ladder safely and efficiently.

One such technique firefighters trained on, is called "short jacking". Short jacking is used where space is limited. This process involves extending the stabilizing outriggers only a portion of the way on one side of the truck. This will allow firefighters to operate the aerial ladder off of the opposite side of the truck that is "short jacked". The side aerial ladder is being operated will have the outriggers fully extended. While not ideal, short jacking allows the firefighters to operate the ladder off one side of the truck during an emergency.

Written by Chad Weihbrecht, Bellevue Fire Department

Monday, May 16, 2016

Yard Signs

As a reminder, rummage/yard sale signs can be placed on private property 2 days before the sale and taken down one day after the sale.

These signs may not be located within the right-of-way (typically the area between where the existing sidewalk is or would be and the curb), on a utility pole or within a vision triangle (triangular area at the intersection of a street or driveway to maintain clear vision).

Any sign found in these locations will be removed. Placement of the signs must be on private property with the property owner's permission.

Canoe/Kayak Launch Grand Opening on Tuesday, May 17th at 4:30pm--Please Join Us!

Join the Village of Bellevue on Tuesday, May 17th for the grand opening of the Manderly Way Canoe/Kayak Launch in Bellevue, WI!  The Village of Bellevue will be hosting the grand opening of the Manderly Way East River Trailhead Canoe/Kayak Launch on Tuesday, May 17th, 2016 at 4:30pm. The grand opening will feature a ribbon cutting ceremony and brief presentations by the community partners that made this project happen, including Fox Wisconsin Heritage Parkway, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and the Department of Administration’s Wisconsin Coastal Management Program. The event is FREE and open to the public. The launch was designed to allow anyone access to the East River, including those with limited mobility. This kayak and canoe launch will offer a new and exciting recreational opportunity for the community. RIVER ACCESS AT MANDERLY WAY IS FREE!

In addition, we are excited to have River Time Kayak Rentals participate in our grand opening tomorrow.  Weather permitting, River Time Kayak Rentals will be attending the launch.  In celebration of this new launch, River Time Kayak Rentals will be offering 1/2 hr. self-guided trips for just $10 at the new launch. If you've been thinking about trying kayaking, but just aren't sure, here's your chance.  Trips will be on a first come first serve basis. Sorry, no reservations accepted for this Tuesday.

We hope to see you there! The park is located at 1530 Manderly Way, Bellevue, WI 54311- just off of Bellevue St., south of Allouez Ave.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Brown County Parks Needs Input on Parks and Outdoor Recreation Comprehensive Plan

The Brown County Parks Department is in the process of updating the 5-year Parks and Outdoor Recreation Comprehensive Plan.
Anyone who enjoys “hanging out” in the parks or has an interest in the future of the County Park System is asked to participate in the planning process by completing an online survey. This survey will help the County determine how parks are currently being used and explore additional facilities, amenities, and programs needed in the county.  This survey will be online through the entire month of May.


Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Welcome to Bellevue Pamphlet

Are you new to the Village of Bellevue? Are you interested in moving to Bellevue? Maybe you just want to learn more about the basics of Village operations. 

The Welcome to Bellevue pamphlet is for you.  The Welcome to Bellevue pamphlet was recently updated and continues to be specifically designed to address the most common questions about being a resident in the Village of Bellevue.  Every municipality is unique and provides services in a different way which can often make it challenging for new or prospective residents to learn about their new community. 

The Village of Bellevue website is always the best resource for more extensive information, but this pamphlet will help those looking for the basics.  The Welcome to Bellevue pamphlet is available on the front page of the Village website and hard copies are available at the Village Office, 2828 Allouez Ave.

Grilling Safety

Spring time is upon us, and the scent of grilled food is filling the air. Finally, grilling season is here! Grilling is not without its potential hazards and we want to take a minute to review some safety tips.
  • Grills, whether propane or charcoal, should only be used outdoors
  • Combustible products should be kept clear from grills
  • Ensure all propane grill major fuel connections are tight and do not contain leaks
  • Place your grill well away from your house, deck railings, and out from underneath the eaves and low hanging tree branches.
  • Children and pets need to be kept a safe distance from the grilling area. Hot grills can cause severe burns
  • Keep your grill clean, remove grease or fat buildup from all areas
  • Never leave your grill unattended!
Following these safety tips should ensure a great grilling season with great food for all.
Bon Appetit!

Written by Chad Weihbrecht, Bellevue Fire Department

East River Trail Adopt-A-Park Clean Up Day

Staff from Bellevue Family Dentistry participated in an annual park clean up day on Thursday, May 5th for the East River Trail Parkway.  Bellevue Family Dentistry has committed to adopting the park for 3 years, which includes at least one park clean up day each year.  Staff from Bellevue Family Dentistry were on the trail for over an hour, split up into 4 groups to clean the Bellevue section of the trail from end to end.  Volunteers received a lot of "Thank You's" from trail users. 

The volunteers were amazed at the wide variety of users on the trail, from young kids learning to ride their bike to competitive cyclists.  The weather was gorgeous and it was a great day for anyone to be outside and help the community.  Jessie Rossman, Marketing Coordinator for Bellevue Family Dentistry, said, "The thank you's from the users warms our hearts and makes us want to keep doing it.  We look forward to another clean up day this summer."

The Village of Bellevue wants to thank our East River Trail Adopt-A-Park business, Bellevue Family Dentistry, for showing interest and pride in our community.  If you know of a group that would be interested in adopting a Bellevue park, please contact the Parks, Recreation and Forestry Department at 468-5225.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Temproary Pools

Prior to starting the summer activity of putting up a temporary pool check out the requirements on the Village website.

Any pool capable of holding 18 inches or more of water (and this includes the inflatable rim pools), must be surrounded by a fence that is a minimum of 4 feet in height, a minimum or 3 feet from the pool wall. In lieu of fencing, the pool may have a lockable cover capable of reasonably preventing persons from access to the water. All swimming pools 18 inches or greater in depth, whether temporary or permanent, require a building permit.

Contact the Community Development Department at 920-468-5225 with questions or concerns.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Village Committee, Commission, Board Member Appointments Approved

The Village Board approved appointments to various committees, commissions and boards at their April 27th meeting. We would like to thank all these volunteers and dedicated citizens for their commitment and their time to the Village of Bellevue. The Village would also like to welcome all new appointments to our committees, commissions and boards.

To learn more about these important bodies and how they serve the Village visit the Boards & Commission page. If you would like to volunteer your time for a committee, commission or board please complete and submit the Volunteer Application Form on the Village website.  All appointments and re-appointments are completed annually in April, but applications are accepted at any time.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Available Position - Assistant to the Administrator

The Village recently posted an available full-time position, Assistant to the Administrator. Interested applicants should visit the Village's Job Opportunities page for the complete Job Posting and Job Description.  Applications for the position will be accepted until June 1st.

2016 Citizen's Academy Graduation

Congratulations to the 2016 Village of Bellevue Citizen's Academy graduates.  A graduation ceremony was recently completed at the April 27th Village Board meeting recognizing the citizen students for their attendance and participation in our Academy. The Bellevue Citizen's Academy will be held again beginning in March, 2017.

The following graduates were recognized:
  • Chris Salentine
  • Don Cesario
  • Joel Cornell
  • David Daul
  • Kyle Lauf
  • Laurie Evans
  • Patricia Maccoux
  • Michelle Oelklaus
  • Robert Zeratsky
  • Romelle Zeratsky
  • Beverly Larsen

Firefighters Training with the "Smurf"

Recently the Bellevue Firefighters conducted a short pump training utilizing a new piece of equipment nicknamed the "Smurf" by firefighters, due to the color (blue), properly called the Blitzfire nozzle by Task Force Tips.

The nozzle is designed to allow firefighters to do more with less. This particular blitz nozzle can flow up to 500 gallons per minute, is lightweight and maneuverable, is easily setup, and can be left un-monitored. Once the water stream is set and is directed at the desired target the firefighter can then leave the Blitzfire nozzle and perform other tasks on the ground. The nozzle will shut itself off if it begins to slide or shift. The Blitzfire nozzle can be setup to provide a solid stream of water with varying sizes of smoothbore tips or varying degrees of a fog pattern with a different nozzle. The department has two Blitzfire nozzles, or "Smurfs", and they are carried on each of the front line Engines (Engine 511 and Engine 521). With today's fast changing fire environment this piece of equipment proves to be invaluable to the firefighters.