Monday, April 18, 2016

Lawn Care

It is time for green grass and fun in the sun. But don't forget that the Village Housing and Residential Property Maintenance states that all weeks, grass and lawns should be maintained at a height of less than 8". The Community Development Department will be periodically driving through the Village in order to inspect for compliance. If you have concern that a neighbor is not in compliance, please contact the Village Office. If we have a wet period please be patient as neighbors wait until the yard dries out before mowing.

Noxious weeks are prohibited in the Village. While dandelions are not desirable, they are not considered noxious. Wisconsin State Statutes list the noxious weeds as Canada Thistle, leafy spurge and field bindweed (creeping Jenny). If necessary, contact the Community development Department at 468-5225 to discuss your concerns.