Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Bellevue Receives Generous Donation of Trees from the Green Bay Packers

Last week, the Green Bay Packers donated 490 trees to 19 communities through its First Downs for Trees program and Bellevue was fortunate enough to receive 40 of the 490 trees.  The number of trees donated to the communities is based on the number of first downs gained by the Green Bay Packers throughout the regular season.  The trees Bellevue received have been planted throughout the Village for all residents to enjoy. 
The Green Bay Packers started the First Down for Trees program in 2011 with the goal of reducing
their carbon footprint.  Since instituting the program in 2011, the Packers have donated more than 3,600 trees to neighboring communities as one facet of a sustainability plan that also includes recycling and landfill diversion programs. The sum of these donations is estimated to provide a lifetime total of more than $15 million in benefits via stormwater runoff reduction, carbon dioxide emissions reduction, air quality improvement, energy savings, and increased property values.
The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and Wisconsin Public Service Corp. help administer the program.