Friday, April 8, 2016

April 11-15: Wisconsin's Tornado & Severe Weather Awareness Week

The week of April 11-15 is Wisconsin's tornado and severe weather awareness week.  Is your family, home, business prepared for severe weather before it happens? The Ready Wisconsin website is full of helpful checklists, plans, fact sheets, videos, guidelines, etc. to help make sure you are prepared for the worst.

Wisconsin averages 21 tornadoes a year. The peak tornado season is April to August, but they can occur any time of year. About 80% of tornadoes that hit Wisconsin are relatively weak, with winds under 100 mph. Only 1% are violent with winds over 200 mph.

Tornado safety before the storm includes:
  • Develop a plan for you and your family for home, work, school and outdoors. Know the safest shelter areas in multiple locations.
  • Have frequent drills.
  • Keep a disaster supply kit in your home including water, food that won't spoil and needs no heat to serve, first-aid kit, NOAA weather radio, a flashlight and special items for children, pets and elderly family members.
  • Be sure your weather radio is working properly. Spring is a great time to install fresh batteries.