Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Food Waste & Organics Drop-Off Information

Interested in reducing the amount of waste you toss into your trash and helping to minimize your environmental impact?  Join the Brown County food waste drop-off program and you can bring your compostable organic waste, dairy, bones, and non-recyclable paper to one of the Brown County Food Waste & Organics Drop-off Sites.  The Food Waste & Organics Drop-off Program offers even avid backyard composters the opportunity to compost more materials like paper towels, napkins, meat and bones, dairy products, greasy pizza boxes, and much more. The Brown County Food Waste & Organics Drop-off Program will accept food and organic waste from anyone who lives in Brown County.

How it Works
  • Sign up by completing and emailing the registration form (see webpage) or by calling (920) 492-4950 to become a part of the Food Waste & Organics Drop-Off program.
  •  Purchase BPI-certified compostable bags through the Brown County Food Waste & Organics website or at a local grocery or hardware store. Normal plastic bags contaminate the compost and are not allowed.
  • Start collecting food scraps, leftovers, non-recyclable papers and much more at home and bring them to one of the Drop-off Sites. Search for "Kitchen Compost Bins" online to see the range of options for collecting material in your home.
  • Organic materials are hauled to an anaerobic digester which accelerates the composting process as well as capturing the methane gas from the decomposition process.
Although there will not be a fee for using the Drop-off Sites during the next operating year, all users must complete a registration form.