Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Contacting the Village 24/7

We understand that there are often times when our residents and customers would like to contact us about an issue, concern or maybe even a compliment and the Village Office may be closed. In addition, often times our residents don’t know where to start or who to contact by phone or simply prefer to use e-mail only to provide us correspondence. If you have ever found yourself in this situation here are some options for you to consider for the future if you want to contact the Village or need to do so after hours.

CONNECT Section of the Village Website
At the bottom of the current Village website there is a section called “CONNECT”.  Links are provided for the Village Board of Trustees as well as Village staff.  E-mails and phone numbers are also provided.  If you’re not sure who to contact you can start with the Receptionist or a Department Director and they will direct your e-mail to the appropriate staff.

Village Action Request System
Also available through the Village website is the Action Request System.  On the top right side of the website, under “Action Center” there is a link for the Action Request System.  Messages and requests can be provided directly through the website and are automatically directed to the appropriate Village staff.  Again, if you’re not sure what department to select, Administrative Services can be selected and your message will be forwarded as necessary.  This 24/7 system currently receives limited use, but is a great way to provide any communication to the Village.

Village Social Networking
The Village uses a variety of social networking tools including Facebook, Twitter, Blog and E-News.  Village staff works to provide key updates, special notices, etc. using these tools to keep our residents informed.  Please consider signing up to use one of these tools, as they may help to answer your questions or concerns prior to even needing to contact the Village. Any direct requests or questions on Village services are best requested by phone or e-mail, not through Village social media tools.

Emergency Contacts
The Village does also have systems and staff in place to provide emergency or after hour’s services from our departments as necessary.  Any urgent issues are best communicated by phone by calling the Village Office at 468-5225; follow the prompts as necessary to leave a message if after hours.  For all emergencies dial 911.

Please note that references to the specific sections of the Village website may be different when viewing on a phone or mobile device.