Saturday, January 16, 2016

Christmas Tree Collection

On Mondays during the month of January residents can leave their Christmas trees by the road and the Village Public Works Department will collect it and take it to be recycled.  Collection may not occur on a Monday, as staff attend to other priorities such as plowing road, fixing water leaks, and maintaining vehicles.  It is the intent to have all trees picked up by January 31, so please have your tree out there by that date.

Wreaths, trees with plastic bags, stands, wires or lights will not be collected. Frocked trees cannot be recycled due to the chemicals used in the process and will not be picked up.  Trees and wreaths that are frozen into the snow banks will be left until the spring brush collection.  If you miss the January pick up, contact the Village Offices to see if the compost site is accessible to the public for drop off.