Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Last Delivery of Paper Newsletter

This winter edition of the Bellevue Focus will be the final delivery of a printed Village newsletter to our residents. Why the change? The Village will be completing a website upgrade and redesign in 2016 making it more user friendly and convenient to find all the key information our residents need. While this change won’t happen immediately in 2016, we’re confident our new website and our other communication tools, particularly our E-Newsletter, will keep you informed and better serve our residents versus the cost required in mailing a printed version. Our new website will also have greater mobile capabilities make it easier to use from a cell phone or tablet device.

We encourage all resident and business owners of the Village to sign up for the weekly E-Newsletter to stay informed on everything Bellevue. As a current E-News subscriber, you are already aware that our E-News includes notices about key services, but also updates on new development, recreation events and programs, Village Board activities and much more.

We welcome resident feedback on all our communication tools including the website, Facebook, Twitter, Blog, E-Newsletter and others about how we can keep you up to date and informed about your Village and the services we provide.