Thursday, July 9, 2015

Village Trustee Position Filled at July 8th Village Board Meeting

At the April 7, 2015 Spring Election, Steve Soukup was elected to serve as the new Village President for a three year term. This left a vacancy for a Trustee position on the Village Board for the remainder of the term (until Spring Election 2016). The Village Board completed their review process of interested applicants (11 total) for the vacant Trustee position.  At the July 8th meeting, the Village Board appointed Julie Hamby as Trustee.

Julie has been an active citizen in Bellevue. She has been a member of the Village Site Planning & Review Board, a current member of the Village Economic Development Advisory Board and a Board member of the Bellevue Business & Professional Association. Julie has been a bank Branch Manager for the past 12 years at various banks in the Green Bay area. We welcome Julie to the Village Board and for helping us continue to make Bellevue a "Great Place to Grow". The Village would like to also thank all candidates that were ready and willing to serve their community.