Monday, July 3, 2017

June 2017 Building Permit Numbers

The Village issued 63 permits for the month of June for a total permitted value of $2,795,487.  The total for the year (2017) is $18,795,728 and 253 permits issued.  This compares to 252 permits issued for a value of $12.009,419 through the same period last year.  Also interesting to note, the total permitted value of all of 2016 was $18,996,163.  That means the Village is 98.9% of last years total permitted value in only half the year.  With some larger projects in the works likely to permitted shortly, the Village should easily eclipse $20,000,000 in permitted value for the year for the first time since 2013.

The largest permit issued for June 2017 was for a single-family home in the Bedford Heights subdivision at $406,000.

For June, the Village  issued 8 single-family permits for the month to bring this years total to 23 with a total value of $5,596,500 (average of $243,326 per home).  In 2016 at this time a total of 18 single-family permits had been issued with a total value of $2,911,700 (average of $161,761 per home).  2016 finished up with 30 single-family permits issued for a total value of $5,578,041 which means that the value permitted for all of the single-family in 2017 exceeds the entire total for 2016 with 7 less permits issued.