Monday, October 9, 2017

September 2017 Building Permit Numbers

The Village issued 37 permits for the month of September for a total permitted value of $1,039,350.  The total for the year (2017) is $27,210,418 and 370 permits issued.  This compares to 391 permits issued for a value of $15,812,861 through the same period last year.  Also interesting to note, the total permitted value of all of 2016 was $18,996,163.  The year to date total puts this year as the 11th largest permitted value in Bellevue's history.  With the permits issued in October, we have landed in the number 7 spot for the year.

For September, the Village  issued 7 single-family permits for the month to bring this years total to 34 with a total value of $7,181,500 (average of $211,220 per home).  In 2016 at this time a total of 25 single-family permits had been issued with a total value of $4,020,700 (average of $160,828 per home).  2016 finished up with 30 single-family permits issued for a total value of $5,578,041 which means that the Village is on a higher pace for new single-family growth in 2017.