Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Village Board Proceeds with Filling Trustee Vacancy

As reported in previous articles and through the Village newsletter, the Village Board is in the process of filling a vacant Village Trustee position on the Village Board.  Letters of interest for the position were due by June 4.  The Village Board is actively reviewing those who submitted letters and will be asked to vote on an appointment at a future Village Board meeting.

Applicants under consideration by the Village Board are as follows (in no particular order):
  • Greg Layton
  • Johnathan Virant
  • Kirsten Gerczak
  • Francisco Rosales
  • Kevin Brennan
  • David Daul
  • Jill Bielinski
  • Shirley VerBruggen
  • John Schuck
  • Peter Amenson
  • Julie Hamby
Any questions regarding the process can be directed to the Village Administrator, Angela Gorall or to the Village President, Steve Soukup.