Friday, June 26, 2015

What’s New in Urban Forestry in the Village of Bellevue:

Buddy Trees on the East River Trail were planted in mid-May, accompanying ash trees along the water front. Volunteers of all ages planted 35 the bare root trees along the trail starting at the Westminster trail head, finishing the job with a heavy watering and mulching around the new plantings. Buddy Trees are planted alongside ash trees in the Village in order to better prepare for the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB), an invasive green beetle that kills ash trees. When the ash tree is removed due to the EAB, it leaves behind a Buddy Tree that has had time to establish and grow. Residents interested in having Buddy Trees planted beside their ash street trees are encouraged to visit the EAB webpage at the Village of Bellevue:

The week of June 15th, ash trees in the Village right of way were treated with insecticide to help prevent the EAB.  Insecticide injections were sponsored by residents who completed an Adopt-A-Tree application in May.  Treated trees are protected for 2 years and require re-application at that time to remain borer free. Residents interested in having their street trees treated against the EAB are encouraged to visit the Emerald Ash Borer webpage at the Village of Bellevue. Dates for the second treatment period are yet to be determined.

Arial inspection of Village ash trees was conducted throughout the weeks of June 15th-26th, with an estimated inspection of one-third of the ash trees in the Village right-of-ways.  The Village Forestry Foreman and EAB Intern were specifically looking at tress that were suspect and showing decline.  Arial inspection consists of visual inspection and limb sampling (pruning a small limb to peel bark off and inspect for EAB).  Currently no EAB has been found in the Village.