Friday, May 8, 2015

Stormwater Ponds - Good for Cleaning Water, Bad for Swimming

Storm water detention ponds are among the most effective storm water treatment practices, and help communities meet the “control measures” required by federal and state regulations. They remove pollutants by slowing the flow of rushing storm water and holding it long enough to allow sediment to settle; keeping pollutants from entering our natural bodies of water, such as streams, rivers and lakes.

To understand the typical design of a storm water detention pond, please refer to the general schematic below:

The recent tragedy in Hilbert, Wisconsin is a good reminder to everyone that storm water ponds should not be used for swimming.  Although storm water ponds are great for treating storm water, they are not appropriate for cooling off during a hot summer day.  Depending on conditions, water in the pond can fluctuate rapidly.  Additionally, water can become unclear and discolored from the amount of sediment present.  

Again, individuals should NOT use storm water ponds as bathing areas.  Parents and guardians are reminded to educate their children of the danger associated with open bodies of water.  Parents and guardians should also keep close attention to their children's whereabouts at all times.
For more information on the Village's efforts to improve storm water quality, go to the Village's website at: