Thursday, April 16, 2015

Storm Sewer vs. Sanitary Sewer

Did you know that 73% of most community members do not know the difference between a sanitary sewer and a storm sewer system?  Sanitary sewers take household wastewater (such as water from sinks, toilets, washers, etc.) and carries it through the homes plumbing and into an underground sewer pipe.  This water then travels to a wastewater treatment plant where the water is cleaned to regulated standards.

Storm sewers take rainwater that falls on our communities and travels via the storm drain system which may include public streets, gutters, catch basins, storm pipes, retention basins, channels, etc.  This water flows directly to your community’s waterways mostly without any treatment.  It is important to prevent and report to the Village (920-468-5225) any pollution that may be witnessed entering these drains such as leaves, grass, soil, oil, chemicals, etc. (basically anything that is not rainwater).  Help keep our waterways clean!