Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Village Board Approves New Regulations for Sex Offenders

At its regularly scheduled meeting on January 28, 2015, the Village Board approved Ordinance No. O-2015-03.  The ordinance repealed the Village’s existing regulations and fully recreated new regulations under the Village Municipal Code, Chapter 373 regarding sex offenders.  To view the new Village ordinance and associated maps that were also updated, please refer to the Village Sex Offender Restrictions page on the Village website.

Key changes made by the new ordinance to existing regulations included:
  • Expansion of Restricted Zones.
  • Expansion of No Loitering Zones from 200 feet to 500 feet.
  • New regulations on residency of designated offenders within 2,500 feet of a Restricted Zone, establishment of a Residency Restriction Map and provisions allowing exceptions for new regulations on residency.
  • New regulations providing a residential density restriction for designated offenders.
  • New regulations prohibiting rental of property to designated offenders.
  • New section providing an appeal process to the Village Board.
Any questions on these new regulations or maps can be referred to the Village Administrator.