Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Village of Bellevue Receives 2015 Department of Natural Resources Urban Forestry Grant

The Village of Bellevue received an $11,880 grant from the Wisconsin DNR for their 2015 EAB Plan, Tree Planting and Educating the Community about EAB project.

MADISON -- Thirty-two communities, nonprofit groups and counties will share $483,747 in 2015 state grant dollars to promote and sustain urban forest resources in Wisconsin.

The Department of Natural Resources Urban Forestry Grant program funds projects that align with state and national goals for increasing urban forest canopy and its benefits. "The 2015 grants will fund tree inventories and assessments, management plans, urban forest restoration projects, staff training, public education, urban wood utilization and other urban forestry efforts," said Suzann DaWalt, DNR urban forestry financing specialist.

DNR forestry officials encouraged communities to apply for grants to bolster their planning efforts to manage emerald ash borer and its impact on ash trees in their community. Wisconsin has approximately 5.2 million ash trees in cities, villages and urban towns. All are at heightened risk since the insect was confirmed in Wisconsin in 2008; a total of 37 counties are now quarantined. Grant awards help communities conduct tree inventories and develop emerald ash borer preparedness plans, as well as increase species diversity to reduce impact of future tree diseases or insect infestations.

The grants range from $1,000 to $25,000, and grant recipients must match each grant dollar for dollar. A startup grant of up to $5,000 is available for communities that want to start, or restart, a community forestry program. Of the 32 communities selected for 2015 Urban Forestry grants, eight are for startup grants.

To view the list of selected grant recipients, or for more information about the DNR Urban Forestry Grant program, search the DNR website,, for keyword "UF Grant", or contact Suzann DaWalt, Urban Forestry Financing Specialist, at 715-453-2188 ext. 1267 or

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: Suzann DaWalt, Urban Forestry Financing Specialist, at 715-453-2188 ext. 1267