Thursday, December 11, 2014

Get to Know Your Village - Animal Control Program

Welcome to the eighth article in the “Get to Know Your Village” series being launched through the Bellevue Focus.  We hope these articles educate and inform about the services we provide and who provides them.

Since 2009, when the Bay Area Humane Society (BAHS) stopped providing pick-up services, the Village of Bellevue has employed a part-time Animal Control/Humane Officer (ACHO).  This is a part-time position that is on call 24/7.  Members of the Citizen Animal Response Team (CART) and the Brown County Sheriff’s Department are available when the ACHO is not.

  • Monica Hoff-Wisconsin State Certified Humane Officer, 20 plus years animal control experience
Animal Control Mission Statement
  • “To Promote and Enable the Safe and Happy Co-existence of People and Animals in the Community”
The ACHO is available to respond to and provide information for any concerns regarding animals both wild and domestic in the Village of Bellevue.  This includes but is not limited to humanely capturing and transporting stray domestic animals and injured wildlife to shelters or veterinarian care as needed.  The ACHO is also responsible for the enforcement of all animal related ordinances and the investigation of animal welfare issues within the Village.

Bay Area Humane Society Contract
The Village of Bellevue contracts with the Bay Area Humane Society (BAHS) to take in all of its stray animals and hold them for the seven day state required stray period.  BAHS also provides a number of other services to the community, including adoption programs for animals that are not claimed by their owners, a foster program for kittens and a variety of other educational and animal welfare programs. 

Trap, Neuter, Return Program
In conjunction with BAHS and Cats Anonymous, the Village operates a trap, neuter and return program as the method of choice when dealing with feral/semi-feral cats.  The Village saves approximately $100 per cat with this non-lethal method of dealing with feral cats.

CART program (Citizen Animal Response Team)
The CART program was developed to provide better coverage with qualified personnel to deal with animal related calls. These individuals are paid on call volunteers that assist the Animal Control/Humane Officer, as directed.  These individuals are available to pick-up stray and injured animals as directed by the ACHO or Brown County Sheriff Communication Center.

Please call Monica Hoff at (920) 819-6709 for questions, concerns or animal collection. Information is also available on the Village website.