Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Fire Department News

Fire Chief Brad Muller is very pleased to announce the hiring of former Chief Dave Panure back to Bellevue Fire Rescue. The fire commission approved his hiring. Dave has always had a special place in his heart for Bellevue Fire. He will be returning as a Division Chief of Training Department and will oversee and manage training. Dave brings many years of experience with him. 

Bellevue Fire Rescue Department is very proud to announce the promotion of Jake Schueller to the position of station-2 Lieutenant, some of his duties will be to assist the station Captain in making sure all staff is equipment and oversee the vehicles and station-2. Jake will also assist in the training division. Congratulations on your new promotion and continued success in the future.

Bellevue Fire is proud to announce four fighters that have completed their recruit school and are now private firefighters. They are now allowed to fight structural fires. Congratulations to Amie Vanboomen, Brock Ploederl, Mark Anderson, and Chris Salentine.