Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Find Those Leaks in 2015

Every consumer wants to save money and the environment.  Each year millions of gallons of water go unused through leaks and inattention.  Take these simple steps to make sure you are not paying for water you are not using.

1.  Monitor your water meter. 
Make a routine to regularly checked your water meter (when you take the garbage out, when you change your furnace filter... make it a routine).  Make sure all the water faucets are turned off and machines are not using water.  Then record what the meter says.  If it continues to move, you are using water.  If it does not move, check it in a couple hours and see if it changed.  Any change in volume means water is flowing somewhere in the house and warrants more checks.

2.  Monitor your usage.  If a family of 4 is using more than 12,000 gallons a month during the winter time, there may be a leak in the house.  Time to do more checking.

3.  Monitor your bill.  Look over the past year of your bills.  If you notice a sharp increase in volume, but cannot account for any activities associated with it, you may have developed a leak.  Go through your appliances to make sure they are not leaking water.

4.  Grab some food coloring.  

Toilets can account for 30% of the use of water in a home.  Place some drops of food coloring in the tank and wait for 10 minutes.  If it shows up in the bowl, the seal from the tank is leaking and should be replaced.  A leaking toilet can account for over 30,000 gallons of water leaking per month.  Another way of determining if your toilets leak is to turn off the water to the toilet and mark the level in the tank with a marker.  Come back in an hour or more and mark the level again.  Any change in water level in the tank is one leaking water.  Replace the parts to seal the leak.