Monday, November 3, 2014

Update on Recreation Vehicle/Trailer Regulations

On October 22nd, 2014, the Village Board approved changes to Zoning Ordinance Article XXVIII – Off-Street Parking Regulations. The proposed changes mainly dealt with the regulations of parking any kind of trailer (boat, jet ski, camping, utility etc.) or recreational vehicle (RV) on a property located within a residential neighborhood.

The most significant changes are as follows:
  • A cap on the number of trailers or vehicles stored outside in approved locations is two (2).
  • Extended the seasons for Summer seasonal uses and Winter seasonal use vehicles and trailers.
  • Allow winter seasonal trailers to park outside in approved locations in the driveway and side yard paved area.
  • Allowed stone/brick pavers as an acceptable side yard paved area as long as it meets setback requirements.
  • You must be the primary owner or leasor of all trailers stored on the property you reside in.

  • Please be reminded, before expanding the surface area of your driveway with additional concrete, asphalt or pavers - speak to a Village Building Inspector as a permit may be required.  Also, even if there is a sidewalk or not, no part of the vehicle/trailer shall extend into Village of Bellevue Right-of-Way.
    These changes went into effect NOVEMBER 1st. You can find a copy of the regulations on the front page of the Village of Bellevue website:  Ordinance

    If you have any questions, please contact the Village of Bellevue Community Development Department.