Saturday, October 25, 2014

Winter Snow Season Reminders



The Village’s Winter No Parking restrictions go into effect   

November 1st through April 1st. 

During this time no parking is allowed on any Village street between 2 am and 6am.  Vehicles parked on the street during this time will receive a parking ticket. 

The no parking time allows plow operators to remove snow safely and efficiently. 
Declared snow emergencies may restrict parking and other activities. 

The Village cannot control major snow events.  However, there are occasions when the Village must declare a snow emergency.  During snow emergencies, parking on all village streets is prohibited.     During this time, vehicles may be ticketed and towed if contact    cannot be made with the owner.  Snow emergencies are posted on the Village’s website and  local media outlets.


It is our goal to clear and salt all main roads before 6am. 

Depending on the type of storm, residential streets may take a little longer to get to, but should all be cleared in 7-10 hours. 

When there are major snowfalls, the objective switches to maintaining access on the main roads and getting at least one passable lane on each street for emergency vehicle access.  It may take several passes over several days to get all the snow cleared back.  As a result you may have to re-shovel driveways, and access to mail boxes will be delayed.  We appreciate your patience while we work to widen the driving and parking lanes.