Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Get to Know Your Village Snow/Ice Control Operations

Welcome to the seventh article in the “Get to Know Your Village” series being launched through the Bellevue Focus.  We hope these articles educate and inform about the services we provide and who provides them.

The Village of Bellevue’s Public Works Department begins preparing for the winter season in October. The Village Snow and Ice Control Policy guides our operations throughout the winter season to ensure a proper and timely response to winter weather conditions.  Effective and efficient operations are paramount to the safety of the traveling public, the economic viability of the Village and neighborhood livability. The objectives each year include:
  • Reducing hazards of snow and ice accumulation for motorists and pedestrians.
  • Improving the road quality so residents and visitors can go about their daily business.
  • Restoring traveling conditions for the convenience of the public as soon as possible after each winter storm event.
  • To provide cost effective, fiscal and environmentally responsible snow and ice control.
The Village performs snow and ice control on over 71 miles of street, 117 dead ends and cul-de-sacs, 3.75 miles of trails, 4 parking lots and 4.5 miles of sidewalks in each winter event.  There are seven zones comprised of three priority routes for each zone.  Performance goals are in place for each priority route.  Village staffing includes eight operators, the Public Works Director, Assistant Public Works Director, Public Works Inspector and other support staff during snow events.  The department operates seven plow trucks and various smaller equipment for trails, parking lots and sidewalks.  Three plow trucks include brine salters with speed controlled spreaders that have decreased our salt usage.  Brown County Highway Dept. is responsible for plowing and salting the County highways in Bellevue.

After our Public Works Department has cleared all the roads then further snow cleanup is completed. This involves pushing back snow in terraces, opening up vision corners, plowing closer to the curb and removing snow in front of mailboxes.  It may take several days after a storm before trails and sidewalks are completed by Village staff.

As the season approaches, we ask all our residents to take care when driving near our plows and provide them the room they need to complete operations.  Every storm is unique and the Village does its best to provide a consistent and efficient process meeting the expectations of our residents.  It is important to note that during extreme snow events, the focus will shift to keeping emergency routes open and providing one clear lane on residential streets.  It may take longer to complete full plow operations and may take multiple passes to fully clear roadways.  During these events, we ask for your patience as we work with resources available.  The Village and our operators welcome feedback on how we can improve and also to hear about operations that went well.

Please Note: Residents whom have sidewalks in front of their homes are responsible for snow and ice removal within 48 hours of snow or ice accumulation. This includes snow drifting from the wind.