Monday, August 11, 2014

Resident Street Tree Program Offered For Fall 2014

The Village of Bellevue provides a neighborhood tree planting program for residents who wish to have trees planted in the terrace area adjacent to their property. The planting program is offered every fall and runs concurrent with other fall plantings. The resident pays for the wholesale cost of the tree including planting. Typical costs is $225 per tree (may vary based on species).
Planting along the street terrace can also provide many aesthetic benefits to your local neighborhood or street. An example of what a street can look like with moderately aged trees along the terrace is shown below.

Concept View
Current View

The Village will be soliciting orders for the 2014 planting season. Homeowners who are interested may choose from the tree varieties listed below:

• Honey Locust Skyline
• Swamp White Oak
• Kentucky Coffee Tree
• Linden:  Littleleaf Greenspire, American Redmond
• Other (Small Tree): Spring Snow Crab, Japanese Tree Lilac, Ginkgo

If you are interested in purchasing street trees, please contact Debra Lom by October 14th at (920) 468-5225 or by email at to receive an order form for the 2014 season.