Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Get to Know Your Village Urban Forestry Program

Welcome to the fifth article in the “Get to Know Your Village” series being launched through the Bellevue Focus.  We hope these articles educate and inform about the services we provide and who provides them.

The Urban Forestry program for the Village of Bellevue is responsible for the planting and maintenance of all trees within the street right-of-way, in Village parks and all other Village owned properties.  Services of the program include street tree planting programs, pruning and maintenance, ordinance enforcement, forestry permitting, new development tree reviews and resident education on our urban forest.  The Village is currently working on development of an Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) management plan and will be increasing resident education on this threat to our urban forest in the coming year.  The Village Urban Forestry program works under the direction of our Director of Parks and Leisure Services and our designated Urban Forester.

The Village has been awarded the Tree City USA status annually since 2003.  To qualify as a Tree City USA, municipalities must have a Tree Board (which is also our Park Commission), adopt a Community Tree Ordinance, have a Community Forestry Program and have an Arbor Day Celebration.

A little known fact is that the Village of Bellevue has a tree arboretum.  Along the East River Parkway from Allouez Avenue to Westminster Drive, there is a unique tree arboretum. There are over 100 varieties of trees displayed.  A brochure about the area is available on the Village website.

If you wish there were more trees in your area consider participating in the Village Street Tree Program.  The program provides tree planting for residents who wish to have trees planted in the terrace area adjacent to their property. The planting program is offered every fall and runs concurrent with other Village fall plantings.  The resident pays for the wholesale cost of the tree including planting.

Trees located in the Village's right-of-way are property of the Village and permission is required before residents, prune, remove, plant or otherwise perform any maintenance.  Residents are encouraged to contact the Village for forestry services for a public tree in your area or if you have questions regarding our Urban Forestry program.  Visit the Village Urban Forestry page for further details on our program.